Buy from TaoBao in English with is a website that has been launched by a TaoBao agent to help buyers to buy from TaoBao in English. The TaoBao online market place has earned a reputation for being the eBay of China, this online Chinese marketplace features a huge variety of products. Unfortunately the website is mainly in the Chinese language which means many people are unable to interact with buyers due to the language barrier. is a website which aims to remove the language barrier therfore making it easy for buyers to buy and enjoy the products on offer on the TaoBao website. wishes to provide English speaking buyers the convenience of TaoBao combined with the reliability and great customer services of TaoBao agent from The team at is at the ready to help buyers select and buy the most desirable product from TaoBao.

The process of purchasing via has been made as simple as possible for the buyers; great importance has been paid to ensure that buyers feel they can trust this TaoBao agent during each step of the buying and delivery process. All buyers are required to register on the website which will allow buyers to keep track of their order cart and status of their purchase. An entire section has been dedicated on the website to help and educate people about the purchasing process:

• Placement of order: Buyers choose their desired item’s link from and add to the shopping cart.

• The first payment: After all the desired items have been added to the cart on and checked carefully then the buyer are required to make the first payment to finish the first step of the buying process.

• purchase: After the 1st payment is received, will purchase the order from TaoBao on the buyer’s behalf.

• Second Payment: After the buyer’s order has arrived to warehouse, the ordered items will be weighed and the buyer will be updated about the order status, once buyers receive the order status alert they will be required to make the the second payment.

• Final Shipment of order: After the second payment has been received and confirmed will parcel the buyers order well and ship it out.

When buying through buyers will have access to the huge variety of TaoBao Categories in English.

About Us: is the most reliable and helpful TaoBao Agent. The team is highly skilled at what they do and strive to provide great services to every customer.

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