Businesses Must Provide Proper Catering for Meetings

London, UK, 07.11.2014, The era of the sandwich in meetings is coming to a close as business guests expect a greater level of catering than a slice of ham served between two pieces of bread. For many, serving good food isn’t just good manners; it’s good business, which is the correct mind-set to have if you are running a business which is expected to close deals and please clients in the meeting room.

The right food at a business meeting, or any other business event for that matter, can make the difference between a focused and satisfied client and an angry and frustrated one, says Mr. Martin C. Williams “Business guests deserve attention to detail. They are after all sharing their time with you and expect to be catered for. Now we’re not talking about three-course meals here; we’re talking about food that’s easy to consume, food that’s sensitive to your guests and any special needs, and a good variety of alternative foods to be on the safe side.”

Of course, what food is on the menu will likely be determined by brand identity, and in all cases, it’s best to play it safe; a factory owner is not going to expect a sirloin steak at a meeting with an electrical contractor, but they may expect a hot drink and a pastry. Keeping a good stock of pastries and sandwiches is a must for all business types as these foods are easy to consume and universal in their appeal.

But what about hot foods, should they be served?

“Many businesses offer a fantastic level of client care for meetings and plan ahead,” says Mr. Martin C. Williams “so for instance they might have a worker on standby to go and pick up a bacon sandwich or a gourmet wrap from the local deli upon request. Most businesses will not have a fully kitted kitchen complete with chef, and very few business guests will expect a proper meal upon arrival. I recommend striking a deal with local food places to cater for business guests, if for any reason they would like a hot meal.”

It’s not all about food, of course. Drinks also need to have variety. Iced water, green tea, regular tea, coffee, and decaf coffee are essentials; many businesses also choose to stock Coca-Cola and other fizzy drinks. “Many businesses would benefit from hiring a meeting room which is close to local amenities. RIBA Venues has lots of fantastic meeting rooms in London close to food outlets.”

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