Broken Phone? iRepair Chicago will fix it and throw in a free Charger & Case

There’s much to be said about Chicago‘s bright lights, big city, fast driving and wild night life. With such a changing city regardless of your walk of life you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in 2018 that doesn’t have a phone. With so much within the city in need of repair from the education system, down to even certain streets, our phones are no different. “I’d rather break my tv than phone” says local Chicago resident and many people hold similar sentiments. “ I can’t go a day without my phone” says another Chicago resident. 

For this reason iRepair Chicago couldn’t come at a better time. The mobile phone repair company comes straight to where ever you are, diagnoses your phone, leaves you with a loaner phone and brings the phone to a local shop to complete the repair. The same day service looks to provide convenience to customers exclusively in Chicago and the surrounding area but get this. 

That’s not even the best part, what’s unique about this company is that all repairs come with a free charger and case. You heard right FREE CHARGER & CASE. Denzel Watts Vice President of operations stated “ We wanted to provide an experience unmatched by overwhelming customers with value”. I think they’ve done just that. This act alone of a free charger and case complimentary with each repair may very well reengineer the phone repair industry and cause many to rethink their business models. 

So for those of you with Apple or Android devices that are broken(maybe even while you read this) and you’re in Chicago, just call iRepair Chicago they seem to be the only ones that repair your phone and aim to solve the problem. 

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