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The shipping industry experienced a glorious period from 2000 to 2009 in China, but from 2010, due to the global economic recession, the shipping industry faced the most serious crisis. The situation forced the companies in the field to make the transformation and upgrading. Now the shipping industry is in the phase of transformation. But the all kinds of Marine Outfitting Equipment are in demand at any time. Jinbo Marine, based in China, exports the marine outfitting equipment to the whole world.

Marine outfitting equipment is a general name for many equipments in a vessel. Here we only introduce the simple equipment mainly for accommodation, including marine ladder, marine window, marine door and marine hatch cover. They are necessary parts in one vessel.

Marine ladder is used as the tool to go aboard or ashore, or up and down different deck. The most main products are accommodation ladder, aluminum wharf ladder, pilot ladder, embarkation rope ladder. The accommodation ladder can be manufactured by aluminum or steel. It is usually installed and collected on the shipside, when along with the gunwale released outboard tilted for marine personnel up and down the vessel. It includes ladder frame, upper platform, lower platform, turning device, post, electric or pneumatic winch, safety net and other accessories. The Lowering and hoisting of the ladder is controlled by the winch. Aluminum Wharf ladder also can be called as gangway. It is used as the ladder between the vessel and the dock. It is light, and the handrail is removable. Pilot ladder and embarkation ladder are both rope ladders. They are made of aluminum or hardwood steps and rope. The only difference is that the pilot ladder with anti-twist boards.

Marine window makes the light or the air into the cabins. It is mainly made by aluminum or steel, can be bolted or welded on the bulkhead. The window shape can be changed according to the installment position. According to the function of the window, the designer can decide the window is fixed or open. And the window also can be with electric heating or fireproof. The most widely used window is rectangular window & side scuttle. The rectangular window is used for wheel house, meeting room and deck houses, other superstructures above the freeboard deck. It is fixed or openable. The opening direction is varied. Side scuttle is also called as porthole, normally it includes three parts, the dealight (storm cover), the window frame, the window seat. It has many types according to the different material, opening direction & installment type. we have the detailed introduction for the window opening direction, material, types in our website.

Marine door is the entrance and exit on different cabin or room in the vessel. According the location, it is weathertight, watertight, fireproof, hydraulic sliding watertight door. The marine steel weathertight door is used for the superstructure above freeboard deck or deck house. It is opened and closed by dog clips. The marine steel watertight door is as the doorway in the room or house that has the watertight requirement. It is operated by hand wheel or single lever. Fireproof door has A0, A15, A30, A60, B15, B0 class, used for passage way of fireproof area. Hydraulic sliding watertight door is much complex than other doors, used below water line, normally for engine room. It has the hydraulic system, power system. It also can be made with A60 fire protection. Other marine doors also have aluminum door, gastight door, cabin hollow door…etc.

Marine cover is the opening instrument of, plays the role of seal, protection & supporting the platform partially. The simple hatch cover is opened by the butterfly clip, dog clip, or central hand wheel. It can be weathertight or wathertight, used on cargo deck. Manhole cover is also used widely, it is the entrance for the person to assemble or repair something under the deck. Normally the hatch cover is made by steel.

For all above mentioned outfitting equipments, ABS, LR, BV, GL, DNV, NK, RINA, KR, NK, RS and CCS can be provided, at the same time, we also supply all other accessories for these equipment. For more details, please visit our web

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