Brief introducing about the development of golf club form last century to now

July 15, 2014 – UK – The new materials and technologies continue to promote the renovation and updating of today’s golf club. However, the development of golf club is very long period of time. Today, the famous cheap golf club online supplier Hongkong CGC Golf., Inc ( will let each people know about the developing history of the golf club.

In early 20th century, the irons club had been officially listed. In 1912, the first sets of seamless irons had been created in England. To the 1920s, the irons club which made of the seamless iron had been popular sold in the United States. Nonetheless, the legitimacy of irons golf club only got admit of Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews until 1929. For this period of history, there was a very interesting story. As British royal family members were the regularly person of the golf course and they all used the irons club, the iron club could be admitted by Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

As the doubtless advantages of the stainless steel material, the stainless steel golf club could hold their firm foothold in this industry, thereby, promoting the formation of mass of the golf industry. In addition to stainless steel material, carbon fiber and boron fiber material had been created at the next half of the 20 century. As the introduction of technician from famous Cheap Golf online supplier, the Stainless steel club owns the advantages of low price and better torque. On the other hand, the characteristics of carbon fiber and boron fiber club own the strong points of lighter weight, good outer texture and then the sense of value is also very prominent. Since the carbon material club is very light, this kind of club is very suitable for female golfer and older people.

However, the creation of the Carbon fiber golf club could also be said the quite legendary story. Fifty years ago, the golf club industry had been ruled by metal rod body. Due to the height and strength limited of the Japanese, these Japanese golfers could not get good score in this sport. During the 1960s, a famous Japan rod designer in Tokyo applied the carbon material of the fishing rob into the golf club. The results were that the new designed carbon fiber gold club own good features of light weight, high elasticity, long ball hitting distance and other point which were beyond imagination. Nowadays, the carbon fiber golf club has gradually become the mainstream of the golf playing ground. Thanks for this creative creation.

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