Bridebuying Tells you the History of the Wedding Cake

Nov 13, 2014 – China – Wedding cake was firstly appeared in the time of Roman. The word cake is originated from the English and its intention refers to the oblate bread, also means the meaning of happiness. When the rich kids held wedding party at ancient times, their families would always make a special cake which would be eaten by bride, groom and these guests at the wedding party.

At that time, guests also expect to share the couple’s happiness. Therefore, the cake was cut on the head of the bride. In Europe, these guests which had been invited to the wedding party have such habit that each guest need to pile their own bread on the table and then the new couples need to kiss each other at both sides of the table. This is also the symbol of happiness of that time.

As the introduction of the professional cheap wedding shoes supplier Bridebuying, Inc, the making method for these wedding cakes at the ancient time has no different with the bread, which people only need to mixed the the milk and the flour together. During the past of time, the wedding cake becomes more and more sophisticated and luxury than before.

Nowadays, more and more brides prefer to purchase the custom cake and the modern wedding cake is no longer confined to the traditional style. By the introduction from famous wedding accessories online seller, there are a lot of choices for wedding cakes, such as the single-layer, multi-layer, square, round and other kinds of cakes. Compared to single-layer cake, the multi-layer cake will give people more luxurious feeling.

Furthermore, the decoration for the wedding cake is also very particular. For example, some wedding cakes will be covered with a layer of delicious chocolate and some cakes will be decorated by adhesive objects such as flowers and others. All of these decoration need to process of handmade. The best way to decorate the wedding cake should be the help of flowers which could change the atmosphere of the wedding cake and give the cake a new charm. The more exotic of flower the higher of the price of wedding cakes will be.

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