Brian Evilsizer Announces Fundraiser Campaign On Kickstarter For Production Of Snap Covers For Electrical Outlets

Brian Evilsizer announces starting of a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for Snap Cover project.

Brian Evilsizer, business owner, entrepreneur and electrical contractor has announced that he has started a funding campaign on Kickstarter for his Snap Cover project. Snap Cover is an electrical outlet cover that conceals the existing electrical outlet completely without any need to replace outlet or to change the look of the room.

“I want to create an enterprise that will change the existing designs and patterns of electrical outlets and switches radically,” says Brian Evilsizer. “The funds I intend to raise via Kickstarter will be used for designing and developing snap covers that can be readily fitted on any existing outlet easily. Snap covers are intended to make homes and commercial establishment safe by adequately protecting electrical power sources.”

Brian Evilsizer has many years of experience in the electrical industry. The 73-year old entrepreneur from Westland, Ohio has been a business owner and electrical contractor. He has been associated with two energy management companies and also runs many small restaurants and bars. He is also holding three patents and two provisional patents for electrical and golf related projects.

Brian Evilsizer is sure that his idea will benefit almost every home and office where there is an electrical outlet. Open electrical points pose a certain element of risk in homes and offices as there is every chance of someone accidently touching a live, exposed point and getting an electrical shock. Snap covers are designed to make electrical outlets absolutely safe and secure.

There is no need to make any alterations or modifications to these power points while using Snap Covers. They can easily fit on any existing outlet. The simple design of Snap Covers makes it easy for anyone to use them and for any type of electrical outlet. They can be simply snapped into place to provide complete protection and to make homes and offices doubly safe.

According to Evilsizer, the biggest challenge of the project is getting the finished product to the market without the support of a sales force. He is positive that he can use his experience in the electrical industry to connect with the right persons and create a formidable sales team. Evilsizer also sees another challenge and that is the quality of the product. Every shipment will have to be physically inspected and defective pieces must be pulled out before clearing the consignment for shipment. Time and money is also needed for acquiring licensing agreements and copyrighted images.

Brian Evilsizer has an ambitious target of $350,000 which his team hopes to raise from the Kickstarter campaign. The deadline for the campaign is 29 September, 2017.

About Snap Cover:

Snap Cover is an innovative product designed and developed by entrepreneur and electrical contractor, Brian Evilsizer. It is a simple, ready-to-use cover that can be snapped into place on any existing electrical outlet to provide complete protection. Snap Covers will be made available in many attractive colors and can be used without making any changes or alterations to existing fixtures.

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