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Melbourne, Australia – 10th October, 2017 – Usually, the competent salesperson has perused the energy bill and inspected a variety of satellite images of a property prior to meeting the owners on site.  The variety of images is to assess the shading issues at different times of the day and year.

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Shading can be caused by aerials, plant and equipment, other roof parts, trees, poles and mountains.

One aspect:  Around Melbourne, some properties are ideal; they have a large north-facing, totally unshaded roof.  For these we would prescribe a simple string connected to a string inverter. For these situations we recommend Goodwe (great value) through to ABB, SMA and Fronius (at the top end).  A 10-year warranty should be a minimum.

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Multiple aspects:  Other properties may have two opposite facing (east and west) rooves.  For these we would prescribe two strings with a dual MPPT inverter, one for each aspect.  The above range of inverters all come with dual MMPTs so you have the same choice.

Shading:  If the solar panels cannot be positioned to completely avoid shading, then an optimiser system should be used.  Optimisers are mounted on each panel to maximise its performance before being fed down to a string inverter.  Optimisers will start the system earlier, shut it down later and improve the system performance throughout the day.  We recommend SolarEdge and Tigo optimised systems.  Individual panel monitoring is also available so if a panel is not performing you will see it on your phone or computer.

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Multiple aspects, elevation and shading:  If a roof has many aspects facing, every-which-way, together with sharp shading issues, then micro-inverters may be the answer.  These also bolt onto the back of the solar panel and convert the DC current into AC right there on the roof.  Hence every panel is its own PV system.  The AC is then fed into a separate AC circuit off the switchboard. Micro-inverters do not require a central string inverter as well.  We recommend Enphase micro-inverters.

If there’s a choice, which do I select?  Historically, many inverter companies have come and gone. For your security, Energis only recommends manufacturers who are publicly listed, multinational companies.  In addition they MUST have a local agency and carry sufficient spares to service the warranties of their installed systems.  We suggest 10 years is the minimum warranty.  Some inverters have a 5-year warranty with the option to extend in multiples of 5 years. how does solar power work

Battery Ready:  Many customers are waiting until the pay-back period of batteries becomes less than the lifetime of the battery, however they want a PV system now whilst the federal PV incentives are still generous. There are some inverters in the market that have energy management built into them however they are more expensive. Most inverters can also have charge controllers or energy management components added on to them at a later stage. Check with your Energis representative for more information.  

Telecommunications:  All inverters, these days, have communications protocols to connect them, via WiFi or Bluetooth, to your smart phone and computer.  Manufacturer’s websites can monitor the system performance, sometimes down to individual solar panels.

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