Brazilian Buttock Augmentation NYC cost vs. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation NYC Cost – Which to Choose

Body enhancement done the right way can transform a person’s life within a very short while. Gartner Plastic Surgery & Laser Center is proud to announce their Unique, cutting-edge, minimal invasive technique for Brazilian buttock augmentation and fat transfer breast augmentation NYC. Dr. Michael Constantin Gartner is an experienced, double board certified surgeon who has mastered the unique method of breast augmentation with local anesthesia. The doctor offers special financing options, making sure fat transfer breast augmentation NYC cost is minimal.

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“Many years of experience as a surgeon has helped me understand the best and cost effective ways to carry out beauty enhancement that transform lives. Many people who don’t feel good about their body and want to change it have a hard time deciding on surgery. I have a placed a critical role, in the past, in helping a lot of people make the right choice. I provide hope to the people, assisting them in meeting and exceeding their beauty enhancement needs,” said Dr. Michael Constantin Gartner.

Dr. Michael Constantin Gartner offers a unique type of surgical procedures for fat transfer to buttock NYC that guarantees stunning results. Patients are provided high-quality service through a simple method using local anesthesia, to help them achieve the kind of body they desire. Whatever the buttock augmentation NYC cost or needs of the customer, Gartner Plastic Surgery & Laser Center is ready to meet and exceed their expectation.

“Dr. Michael is nothing short of a miracle worker. Apparently, he knows what he is doing and has a deep understanding of the human body. I wanted to have a buttock implant, but someone advised me to do fat transfer to buttocks instead, and right now, I feel I have made the right decision. My buttocks look great and all natural. I feel great,” said Helen P, a client.

Fat transfer breast augmentation and Brazilian buttock augmentation NYC cost have many benefits. They help boost self-esteem and improve sex life. They also improve silhouette and youthful look, and make clothing fit better.

For more information on Brazilian buttock augmentation NYC cost or fat transfer breast augmentation, please call 1-800-391-3882. 

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