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The future of the world is being discussed as we speak. This happens all over the world, from New York to Hong Kong, from Nairobi to Rio de Janeiro, from Delhi to north east. This discussion does not only take place in UN & GOI boardrooms, people discuss it at their dinner table, in their offices, on the streets. All of these people may not discuss all of the world’s issues, and they may not discuss them in the same way officials at the UN, GOI do, but they do it for similar reasons.

At the highest level, people are working hard to negotiate a new set of development goals for the global community to follow upon the well-known Millennium Development Goals. We agree upon these goals, not to put them on a shelf to gather dust, but to determine the course of action for the world. The hope is these goals will strengthen the world and all of our countries. When determining these goals and the course of action we must not overlook one topic: Role of Council of Information and Broadcasting (CIB) for Social Justice. CIB are the rights of all people to speak, decide freely upon their issues and needs, the basic rights of Individuals, the constitutional and Federal rights and benefits, number and spacing of their children, as well as the right to have a safe and healthy life free from coercion and infections such as HIV, Obula. These rights are especially important to youth, since a lot of the issues surrounding it affect young people.

CIB are also crucial to development. Media carries high moral and professional responsibilities on account of social justice.

Govt. has many policies, programs for different strata of society but lack of awareness of such policies, programs in the department and citizen level yielding zero result and fund remains unused in the respective department. Backward Commission, Child Protection commission, Human Rights Commission has been very instrumental in delivering justice to the society in monetary form. But responsibility does not end there with monetary benefits rather Institution should take extra efforts and ensuring non repetition of such incident that are and state or country as a whole. 

Council of Information and Broadcasting has launched “MEDIA MITRA” project by itself for effective awareness / dissemination of government policies, rights, rules and regulation. One male and female Media Mitra at each village is our goal. Council is working towards building a strong media network at village level for rolling out awareness activities in grassroots level in association with respective state and central Govt. 

Empowering women are a great subject matter to be discussed to ensure success of the nation. Sexual and reproductive ill health account for one fifth of the global disease burden and this is even one third for woman in their reproductive age. When girls are able to decide when they become pregnant, they can finish school, realizing their fundamental human right to education. This allows them to find good work, thus contributing to their country’s development. Therefore it is essential that the international community commits to realizing these rights and includes them in the development goals that are negotiated today.

Unfortunately, the subject is too often still a taboo, even though we all encounter sexuality and having children in one way or another during our lives. Sexuality can be enriching, but it can also be a burden. Every day women die due to unsafe abortion, girls are circumcised and young children are married off. One in three women worldwide will experience some form of physical or sexual abuse during her life. This is unacceptable to me.

Many of these problems surrounding sexuality affect young people. For example, over 40% of new HIV infections occur among people aged 15-24, mostly young women. Despite these alarming figures, questions around sexuality remain unanswered for young people in many countries. As a young person I am convinced that youth need comprehensive information about sexuality to be able to enjoy it in a positive way and to protect ourselves from the negative aspects. Do you remember when you first started puberty? The questions and insecurities you had?

The misconceptions they have are astounding, which is why it is so valuable that they do receive sexuality education. I know the look of relief on children’s faces when you ease their insecurities by sharing your knowledge of and experience with sexuality, so it saddens me that many children cannot receive sexuality education.

It is crucial that young people’s voices are heard in policies on CIB, since we are so much affected by the problems surrounding it. The International Convention on the Media Integration & Rights of Human even states that young people should be heard on issues that concern them. Additionally, young people have a tremendous potential for change. Recent revolutions have shown our power, both in number and spirit. Twenty-five percent of the world’s population consists of young people aged 15-24, full of innovative ideas, free from the constraints of tradition and increasingly aware of the world around them through new media. ‘Young people these days’ is a phrase with a negative connotation, but the change we can initiate should not be underestimated. We have a world to gain from a government and a global community that strives, together with us young people, to better society and social justice and rights – and we deserve no less than that.

Therefore, I call upon the youth of today to make these changes. But I also call upon society as a whole, to allow youth to engage in decision making, enabling them to make these changes. Council of Information and Broadcasting especially affect young people’s ability to realize their potential to the fullest. Bettering access to justice and stopping offences against child & Women for instance, will allow child to finish school under RTE and find good work, bringing wealth to their family, and consequently to their country. The world’s development is influenced strongly by these issues and therefore it is key that young people’s life and rights are improved. The upcoming year, we will contribute to this nation a “Brand New Media Mitra – Voicing out the Citizen”. We want to make policymakers, on national and international level, see the urgency of these matters by telling the stories of young people and we will advocate for meaningful youth participation. Because ‘young people these days’ are not the problem, they are the solution.                                                                      

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