Brainscape Introduces Legal Flashcards to Their Online Training Platform

New York, N.Y. – August 04, 2017 – A simple spreadsheet in a Columbia University science lab was the incubator for Brainscape, an international company that gives students energetic mobile and web learning system. The name of the game is Flashcards, and the system is genius. The web and mobile study platforms help people become more aware so they learn things faster and with a high degree of retention. People around the world use the flashcards to improve study results and to retain information for longer periods of time. Millions of people are relearning how to learn by using an ancient and simple learning process with a few modern tweaks. 

The company’s mission is to create a more knowledgeable world by accelerating the learning process in an effortless way. Expanding the learning process by introducing Legal Flashcards to their extensive product line is another way the company shows its commitment to changing the way people study and learn. 

Legal flashcards, and the other flashcard products, quickly imprint information on the right side of the brain. People get the facts, and the left side of the brain makes sense of those facts. Research shows that looking at and remembering flashcards puts the brain in active recall mode. When people use flashcards, they remember information; they recall it faster, and they hold on to that information longer. The company’s team of experienced scientists, designers, education executives, and software engineers all contribute to the success of the flashcard programs. 

“Every member of the team has made an impact on how people study”, says Andrew Cohen, CEO & Founder of Brainscape. The company team continues to use fresh, cognitive research to improve the way the brain learns. To do that, company flashcards use font style, color, breaks, humor, repetition, social interaction, animations, and rewards to motivate as well as exercise the brain. 

Using Contract Law Flashcards is a comprehensive and effective way to get into the corners of the law and focus on the details without an abundance of contextual overkill. Even the American Bar Association – Public Contract Law information is on the flashcards. The Contract Law Flashcards contain a plethora of information, and it is easy to absorb and remember that information by studying the easy-to-use flashcards online. And the legal flashcards are also available in Android or iPhone apps. Cohen,  ”The beauty of the flashcard study system is, it works.” 

Source:  Andrew Cohen

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