Bovine Colostrum Shown To Have Huge Potential For Male Health

Bovine colostrum, collected from dairy cows shortly after birth, is an almost genetically perfect match to human colostrum, and contains the same benefits. This potent milk created only after childbirth is rich in immune factors, proteins that promote growth, and other easily digested nutrients intended to grow a newborn immune system against a hostile world.

While these benefits are intended by nature for infants, colostrum is incredibly nutritionally dense, and is one of the only natural substances known to encourage the production of human growth hormone naturally, without the use of contraband like performance enhancing drugs. There’s no reason why these benefits wouldn’t also be useful to full grown adults, and colostrum is already known within the professional athletic community, where it’s potent immune factors are taken advantage of to protect the digestive tracts of athletes during exercise when their body temperature and gut permeability rises.

Alex Mayfield, Harvard biologist and Head of Product Research and Development at Cellular Research Institute had this to say about colostrum.

“What we’re finding now that men will really want to pay attention to, is that in addition to the overwhelming health benefits of colostrum, is that it might be a natural source of male potency as well. It’s the Adonis of supplements, everything that guys are, it’s in this.”

What Mayfield is referring to of course, is testosterone.

“The growth factors in colostrum naturally promote human growth hormone, which in men is also going to lead to the promotion of testosterone. Testosterone in men is responsible for weight control, muscle gain, libido, ambition, health of male organs… Everything we associate with manhood about our bodies, testosterone has something to do with it. Turn up the testosterone, turn up the man.”

He adds,

“We’ve been seeing men in search of a bedroom boost add this to their regimen alongside other products. The immune benefits are amazing, but these guys want the desire and energy that comes from having high testosterone.”

The developers of Vitality Colostrum suggest that the best time to take Vitality Colostrum is in the morning on an empty stomach, two capsules daily. Though some men and women may receive quick results, a minimum use of 30-60 days has been suggested for maximum results.

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About Vitality Colostrum:

Vitality Colostrum is a strategically developed colostrum supplement, based on scientific research to build immunity and naturally raise youthful hormone levels.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, or nutritional supplement.



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