Boozie — The cool new way to have your drink in style!

G & P Outfittings Inc has created a new way of having your favorite drinks which is not only convenient but could become an upcoming trend among the people. They have created a super cool Hoodie called ‘Boozie’ which not only does the task of keeping you comfortable but carrying your drink in style. This Boozie has two secret compartments located in the hood that hold two separate bladders or flasks for transporting 20 ounces of your favorite liquids. These flasks are made from a tough BPA-free plastic and are reinforced so you won’t have to worry about breakage when roughhousing in your new Boozie. 

What’s more fascinating is the way you’ll be consuming your drink. The Hoodie drawstrings that dangle down in front of the wearer are actually connected to the flasks and serve the purpose of a straw. They’re designed in such a way that anyone can hardly notice these are actually straws. In fact, they’re protected by a valve which prevents the liquid from spilling. This discreet consumption makes the Boozie the perfect accessory for all sorts of occasions like different sporting events, going to the Movie Theater, family reunions, holiday celebrations, tailgating and wherever you need your hands to keep free from holding any liquid bottle.

The producers of this innovative product are running a campaign to raise funds which will be utilized for the expensive tooling costs associated with creating the custom flasks and the various plastic components involved. These donations will also help them to receive a bulk discount when purchasing material and help them in crafting smaller, more discreet nozzles.

Moreover, the company is providing rewards for the supporters as well. For instance, for every $10 or more, the company is giving a reward of Boozie shot glass, for $25 or more, you’ll be rewarded with a Boozie T-shirt available in two cool colors. For $95 or more, they’ll give you a Boozie for free in your choice of color and size.

So if you already love the idea and can’t wait to own one, you can visit the following link to contribute:

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