Boolean Tech Expands StitMe Platform to Offer Free, Unparalleled Protection and Privacy in Mobile Communications

Innovative New Platform Addresses Multiple Privacy Issues, Including Many that Impact Women Directly.

DUBLIN, IRELAND and Los Angeles, CA – NOV, 2014 – Boolean Tech, a leading mobile privacy company, announced today the expansion of its StitMe (ŠtítMe) mobile privacy platform to offer users free, unmatched private mobile communication. StitMe’s innovative offering addresses key privacy issues, including many that impact women directly, such as online dating.

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The world just isn’t safe anymore. Think about it: anyone who has your mobile number can call you or text you any time they want, as often as they want to. It is not just angry ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends or friends who don’t understand that you may not want to be contacted at odd hours or at work, but hackers andidentity thieves.To make matters worse, most business cards, social networks, and email footers have been giving away phone numbers for years.

StitMeoffers the first real solution to a longstanding dating conundrum for women “Do I or Don’t I give him/her my contact number.” With StitMe, you will never need to give your mobile number out to anyone again. Give them your StitMe ID (#Sara) instead, empowering the women of today to decide who calls her, when they call her, and if she no longer want to receive calls,StitMe gives her the ability to deny access to anyone by simply deleting him or her. Even if a deleted contact tries calling her back, StitMe platform will ensure the call will not get through. StitMe not only shields her Mobile number it also shields her location using state of the art technology by geo disposing her location as well.

“As online dating platforms continue to increase in popularity, it is important, now more than ever, that women take precautions to protect themselves and their privacy,” said Gurtaj S. Padda, creator of the StitMe platform and founder and chief executive officer of Boolean Tech.“StitMe takes care of your relationships, keeping your privacy safe and shielded.Believe me once you try StitMe, you’ll wonder how you lived all these years without it! We are excited to offer this unique product that helps women to protect their privacy like never before, all for free, as personal privacy is a fundamental right. We look forward to continuing to offer solutions that provide privacy protection for all.”

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About the StitMe Platform

StitMe platform technology is the only one of its kind in the world, which is linearly scalable to the extent that it can extend to connect every American to every American on a one-on-one relationship basis. It fundamentally changes the entire paradigm of telecom numbering.

Using a proprietary, secret algorithm, StitMe offers unlimited, secure private communication channels with the crystal clear voice quality of a normal cellular call. The service is a toll-quality telephony service (not Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP)) and its technology allows it to be mobile handset, as well as telecommunications carrier, agnostic.

“Štít” is a Croatian word that means “Shield”. Hence, “ŠtítMe” means, “shield me,” reflecting the company’s goal and ethos of shielding its users and ensuring a private one-to-one connection within the shield of total privacy visit StitMe online at

About Boolean Tech

Boolean Tech is a leading mobile privacy company dedicated to providing individuals with the peace of mind that comes from enjoying personal mobile communication in a reliable and private manner. Boolean Tech is the owner and operator of the innovative mobile privacy platform, StitMe.

For more information, visit or on Twitter at@StitMe.

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