Boldly matching style for leather handbags need to obey some basically color mixing method

April 18, 2014-Italy-The leather handbags could be the indispensable part of re each woman’s daily life. In addition to the clothes matching, the matching for the leather handbags can help each woman show with other people their personal taste and style. As many people know, the selection and match of handbag should obviously express people’s character. For the handbag matching, the color should be the most crucial factor which each beauty need to note. So, how to better match the color and style of leather handbag with the wholly style. Today, the editor from which is the famous online store for wholesale handbags will teach each woman the color matching method for handbag.

The first way should be the same color matching method. The principle of this method should be that the color of bags and clothes must be in the same color or color series. This could help each woman create a very elegant and mature feeling. For example, woman could wear the dark brown suit with the camel color leather handbags.

The second method should be the contrasting color way. The color of bags and clothes can also be in the condition of the strong contrasting color. This method should be a very eye-catching mixing method. The editor from website give each consumer a very good example: black suits, red belt, red leather handbag and black high heels, very hot matching style.

The third method is the combination of Neutral color clothes and the dotted color wholesale leather handbags. That is to say each woman could wear the neutral color clothing with the embellishment of dotted color. This kind of matching style will let woman get very great and good looking appearance. For example, the very suitable example should be the combination of light tan dress, sky blue leather purse and tan color high heels.

The other method would be very fitting with these girls who like wear the clothes with the printing color echo. For this kind of situation, the color of bags can be one color into the printed echo. One of the very classical examples should be printed clothes with olive green, beige and brown color, brown leather handbag and brown high heel shoes.

In addition, if girls’ body height could not beyond the 170cm, the editor from suggests people abandoning the oversized bags. In today’s street, people could common see a poor little girl who carrying a large bag. This matching method is indeed blatantly eye-catching but her whole person visually usually be drowned in oppressive and large size package.

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