Blue Forest Farms Aspire to Provide the Best CBD Products and Varietals for Consumers

Blue Forest Farms is a leading CBD producer. It thrives to lead CBD productions and revolutionize hemp industry.

Blue Forest Farms (BFF) is one of the best CBD genetics, varietals and end product providers. CBD seeds in the company’s hemp farms are grown organically to ensure the highest quality of every product.

Hemp industry is currently growing at a very fast pace. By 2020, it is estimated that this industry will hit a value of $1B. As more and more people show interest to CBD seeds and its derivatives, Blue Forest Farms also improve its service and technology in producing CBD seeds. The company has 100-acre of state approved organic hemp facilities to produce the most remarkable varietals that the customers like.

One of the things that distinguish Blue Forest Farms with similar companies in the hemp industry is its dedication to research. BFF has its own R&D team, who is in charge of hand-selecting phenotypes with the highest quality, which is done to make sure the company can keep producing premium grade products that meet consumers’ expectation. In addition to strong R&D team, BFF also has a team of farmers with more than three decades of experience in the industry.

“CBD is a fast growing industry and the demand is getting higher from year to year. Blue Forest Farms commit to provide the best CBD flowers, oils and other end products so that the consumers know where to go to find high quality CBD products. We also formed a Research and Development program which can help hemp industries all over the world to create better products,” said the representative of Blue Forest Farms.

BFF team doesn’t only consist of experts in the CBD and hemp industry, but also a philanthropist. As a result, besides providing the highest quality seeds and CBD end-products, BFF also actively donates some of its profits for charities. This action goes hand in hand with the company’s mission to spread love and encourage people to pursue their passion. BFF believes that by giving back to the community, the company can help spreading love and giving opportunities to people who need them the most.

About Blue Forest Farms

With six business values, intention, passion, authenticity, drive, inclusivity and innovation, Blue Forest Farms have a vision to change how hemp industry and CBD market works. The company consists of the best botanists, farmers and also other experts in the CBD industry. Due to the experience and knowledge of the team, Blue Forest Farms is able to provide premium-grade products with the best genetics and wide range of varieties.

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