Bloomsy Box launches kickstarter campaign for its new product line “Bloomsy Chef”

Popular supplier of beautiful handpicked bouquet, Bloomsy Box plans to redefine flower delivery with the launch of a kickstarter campaign for its new product – Bloomsy Chef

Bloomsy Box recently announced the launch of its kickstarter campaign to raise fund for its new product line, Bloomsy Chef. Bloomsy Box aims to redefine flower delivery with the new product line, being a subscription service that delivers fresh floral from sustainable farms across the globe.

Bloomsy Box aims to raise $20,000, providing a better and more effective way of flower distribution. Bloomsy Chef is an innovative twist to the traditional farm to table process of making and delivery bouquet. Bloomsy Chef brings the concept of farm-fresh ingredients into flower arrangements, allowing buyers to create arrangements at home. With the raw floral ingredients sent to buyers, the most beautiful floral varieties available from Bloomsy Box’s farm partners around the globe can be experienced.

Bloomsy Chef is unique as it allows lovers of flowers to learn and enjoy a new craft. The introduction of the farm to table concept is one of the unique attributes of Bloomsy Chef, as the flowers are arranged on the farm where they are grown, ensuring that recipients only get freshly hand-picked.

The concept is also highly sustainable, with Bloomsy Box partnering with Fair Trade certified farms. Consequently, no toxic chemicals are involved in the fertilization and production of these flowers. This ensures a safer flowering growing practice for the environment.

Bloomsy Chef also helps to eliminate the additional costs and stress associated with having middlemen. Bloomsy Chef does not ensure growing flowers is healthier and safer but also makes the distribution more effective, as the blooms arrive at the buyer’s doorstep within four days of getting cut. This is faster than the typical 8-10 day turnaround from many other retailers, while ensuring the flowers are delivered fresh.

Partnering with over 48 family owned farms, Bloomsy Box allows buyers to subscribe to Bloomsy Chef in three easy steps – selection of a plan, receipt of fresh ingredients and revelation of the recipe and consequent enjoyment of the process.

Interested persons looking to support the Bloomsy Chef campaign can start with as low as $5, which comes with a BloomsyChef sticker. Other categories of pledges come with amazing rewards ranging from Bloomsy Chef T-shirts to 2 x 12 months supply of BloomsyChef boxes + 200 stems of roses.

The campaign will expire by Tuesday, October 31 2017 5:59 PM CET, which means that the goal of raising $20,000 is met on before the said date.

About Bloomsy Box

Bloomsy Box is a supplier of fresh, unique, and long-lasting blooms gotten from the best farms across the globe, with partnership with more than 48 family owned farms. Bloomsy Box offers stunning bouquets made from hand-picked stems and deliver them straight to the recipient’s doorstep in less than four days.

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