BlockStorage to Revolutionize Data Storage Industry with New Protocol, Announces Pre-Sale of BLOCKS

May 14, 2018 – The Data Storage industry has long awaited a transformation, and the time for that has finally arrived. BlockStorage is creating a protocol that will use the revolutionary blockchain technology to make data storage a free, completely private and lifelong phenomenon. The BlockStorage token, BLOCKS, will soon be available at the pre-sale stage beginning May 31, 2018.

BlockStorage is a protocol that simplifies and abstracts all communication with the blockchain to create a new data storage service that is entire free (no monthly or recurring costs), private (no leakage of personal data), and eternal (a long-lasting storage solution). The BLOCK has a total supply of 108,000,000 BLOCKS, and 1 ETH = 10,000 BLOCKS at the pre-sale stage.

The current dismal state of cloud storage is well understood, with security risks, lack of privacy, and high monthly fees. Studies reveal that in 2017 alone, 5 million data sets were leaked each day of the year. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has listed 30 organizations including Facebook being probed for use of personal data and analytics.

Apart from the above issues, current cloud storage services aren’t cost effective in the long run. There are just too many infrastructure elements such as cooling systems, backup power or security that need to be paid for every day, year after year. Complex policy and gatekeeping issues, and possibilities of accounts being suspended or closed, are other challenges that can cause a ripple effect on an entire business operation.

BlockStorage comprises a tech team of Brazilian entrepreneurs, talented software engineers and designers who want to revolutionize data storage. BlockStorage will feature no subscription fees, and files will be accessible anytime, from anywhere, with no expiry dates. More importantly, no one else will have full access to these files until permitted by the user.

Blockchains came to revolutionize the world. On top of that giant’s shoulder, BlockStorage is coming to give a new meaning to cloud storage. We are really happy to see the sheer number of people joining our project day after day, sharing our vision to create the killer storage protocol to be used all over the world, making the eternal online files, with zero cost and total privacy come to life,” said a spokesperson for BlockStorage.

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