Blockchain to reduce insurance costs by item registration

Registry Blocks to raise funds for insurance fraud prevention by blockchain item registry

HEERLEN, THE NETHERLANDS – May 15, 2018 – Registry Blocks, a startup focussing on blockchain fraud prevention, takes on the fight against overinflated insurance claims. Every year billions of dollars are lost on insurance fraud, resulting in increasing contents insurance rates. Registry Blocks introduces an app allowing users to register their belongings to a personal account, enabling insurance companies to decrease the amount of fraudulent claims and speed up processing times.

“In these times of technological advancement, one would expect costs to decrease. Unfortunately, this is not the case for contents insurances, where rates rise annually,” claims Ricardo Boosten, CEO of Registry Blocks. “Fraudulent insurance claims are one of the main challenges insurance companies face today. I am both proud and excited to present the Registry Blocks Platform as the cure to this type of fraud, which should lead to better insurance rates for our users.”

As a pioneer, Registry Blocks converts blockchain technology into real world benefits. To further develop their platform, Registry Blocks conducts an initial coin offering on the 1st of June 2018. Investors will be able to purchase REG tokens, the token to access all Registry Blocks services. Registry Blocks shares REG income with all REG token holders.

Registry Blocks B.V.i.o. is a starting anti-fraud blockchain company with four key market verticals – Insurance, Marketplace, Notary and Big Data. With its team based in the Netherlands, Registry Blocks aims to spread its wings to help businesses and people all over the globe benefit from blockchain technology.

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