A decentralized data services network that is designed to revolutionize blockchain

Block Chain Club of South East Asian, a company widely renowned for its ingenuity and finesse in blockchain data sharing technology,  introduces a novel central data sharing platform to all cryptocurrency users regardless of their mining field. The newly designed application is named Infinity Data Chain (IDC). IDC is a highly decentralized data sharing services network created for individuals or organizations to create, review, store and access any information on the blockchain cloud data.

To make more people have access to information on cryptocurrency, the company designed a network in which any user can put useful information on the cloud to be reviewed by nodes which are formed by fact-checkers, people, and Artificial Intelligence. In order to ensure the security of the data and users as well, Block Chain Club of South East Asian (BCC.SEA) makes sure that before any miner has a chance to put any data or information on the public domain for the public to access, the information is verified and put in the right segment. However, if the information or data is private, then it will not be reviewed but will be stored in the database promptly for whom holds the access key to the data. This simply means that the identity and information of the user are duly protected and safe. 

Another interesting thing about Infinity Data Chain is the fact that each participant on the platform is rewarded for their efforts and contribution; this would be given in the form of IDC tokens which can be stored or used for purchase on the platform. Individuals earn token rewards and incentives by sharing idle connectivity transmission capability, or by uploading useful public information, or by reviewing other public data content and more. With this incentive model, IDC will not only improves user experience but also becomes more stable and secure as more nodes join the network and each participant gain extra incentives for their efforts.

With rising problem of data storing and sharing rising on daily basis, Infinity Data Chain was created for the innovative purpose of finding a solution to the data storage need of all blockchain users. Now, with IDC,  all miners can earn as they refer and access data on Infinity data Chain platform. Developers of blockchain and various cryptocurrency can also take the advantage of this new platform to build their own application by accessing and using the useful information available on the Infinity data Chain. Also, they can share data and interact with other blockchain developers on Infinity data chain platforms. 

Unlike other data storing and sharing platforms, all content put on Infinity Data Chain is permanent, open, secure that is it is anonymous yet the owner can have full control of data that are private. In order to guard against junks and false data, the BCC.SEA ensures that there is a review channel and feedback system for the public content.

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