Blaque Queen Excellence celebrates ‘Black Women’ by offering dedicated products is an online business that offers a variety of accessories, skin care, hair care and personal care products for black beauties around the world. With an idea to inspire women to be themselves and accept their skin proudly, the brand presents a wide range of cosmetics, jewelry, makeup tools, hair accessories and more.

Blaque Queen Excellence has recently launched the 15 pcs professional makeup brushes in purple, the color which the brand has chosen for their website theme as well. “Purple reflects royalty,” they say,“ and it aligns with the personality of black queens. Blaque Queen Excellence sends out the message that every skin color is beautiful and the black hue is no different. It’s the skin color that reflects the raw, the uninhibited, the unprotected and the powerful nature of the black women. The brand celebrates the beauty, prowess, and radiance of the Black Queen by presenting them with products that will help to enhance their God-given radiance. “We are not here to change anything about Brown Girls. We are here to embrace, celebrate, and empower through makeup, fashion, and swag.”

The brand inspires black women around the world to take pride in their glistening skin and their voluminous hair that causes them to stand apart in the crowd. “Everything about you and me declares Queendom. Radiance. Melanin. For we are Black Women. Unashamedly and unabashedly dripping brown sugar, cocoa, honey, and gold”, says the Blaque Queen Excellence’s founder.

Their online store offers products in various categories such as ‘Glow Up Needs’ that features items to keep that dark skin healthy and glowing. Beautiful Queens can find a variety of high-quality makeup brushes and makeup products specially chosen to suit their skin. The website also offers luxurious and skin pampering bath bombs, contouring sticks, and eyeshadow palettes to keep those eyes poppin’ at all time. Black Women can also find a variety of colorful and fun accessories for their hair. Whether it’s colorful braids, flexi rods for curling the hair, or high-quality wigs, they can find it all to their hearts’ delight. Additionally, the online business offers a variety of Afro inspired necklaces and earrings to add a style statement to any outfit.

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This business was established with the Black beauty in mind. “We do not have enough places recognizing the melanated radiance of the Black women. Blaque queen excellence has taken the stance to step into that gap of being a proud supporter and empower of the Black Queen. And, we do not intend on stopping anytime soon!” 

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