, a social cross-trading platform augmented by A.I. receives a great response on their ICO is a social cross-trading platform augmented by Artificial Intelligence. The official ICO of began on March 25th, 2018 offering a maximum of 318,000,000 tokens and received great response from the investors. The ICO will offer a bonus of 5% until 18th April 2018 before marking its end on 31th May 2018. 1 ETH=$800=20,000 Black (the official token of Blackfolio).

Blackfolio is an AI-powered trading platform that provides full access to the users of all their crypto assets from multiple wallets. It would also alert the user of the opportunities that might come up on a specific exchange regarding their strategic profile.  The platform will allow the user to manage their assets and place order as well as take advantage of the experiences of other successful traders by following their strategies and performances. brings social dimension and mirror trading into the cryptocurrency world where the user can bid to mirror trade a selected user on a chosen trading pair. They can share a profile, both publicly and privately as well as follow traders and their strategies. The traders need to be able to share analyses, strategies and hypothesis for that the platform has created a marketplace where users can sell a limited number of contracts called “slots” which can be won by the highest bidder.

Through the platform, the users can also get news and updates regarding specific cryptos and markets. They can instantly access cryptocurrency speculation from social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. These popular social media channels release viral information regarding cryptocurrencies and by monitoring these networks, the platform tells its users which coin to focus for a hype, or be careful on a loss of interest. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence the platform strives to get best results by modeling user’s behaviors, market data, and social network. is using IBM artificial intelligence named Watson to give the user relevant information regarding their strategy. offers simplified viewing over the user’s investments and their last transactions. The user can check where, when and what they invested in through combined asset’s transaction list. Another most important feature of the platform is that it maintains the utmost privacy of the users and never asks for the user’s wallet private keys. It doesn’t monetize any personal information of the user and makes sure that their data and privacy are absolutely secure.

The launch of Black tokens will contribute towards the further improvement of the platform and will be used as a mean of payment within a monthly subscription. With the response received for the ICO, the platform expects to reach their soft cap of 1875 ETH soon while the hard cap is 15900 ETH. More information about the platform and the ongoing ICO can be found at

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