60 Years of Quick Fasteners and Cable Ties from Baden-W├╝rttemberg

Paris, France  – Every two years, Emballage, an international packaging exhibition gathers key industry players from food, beverage and liquids, beauty, luxury, health, cosmetics, retail and consumer goods. Over four days, this exciting event was held at Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte in Paris where representatives from 100 countries gathered together.

Allplastik GMBH led by Bjorn Lefnaer was one of the participants of this exhibition.

About the Company:

Württembergische Allplastik GmbH was founded in Stuttgart
in 1953 by Otto Lefnaer, who held a degree in engineering.

In the beginning, Württembergische Allplastik
produced plastic articles for a very wide range of applications
such as casings for the clock industry, containers for the 
pharmaceutical industry and even toys.

Later on the company’s product range evolved and it started to specialize
in the manufacture of quick fasteners and cable ties. Thanks to their excellent features and versatile range of uses, Blitzbinder® cable ties were very popular with customers. A substantial market share was achieved as a result of intensive advertising and product presentations in the trade press.

In 1986 Otto Lefnaer handed over the management of the company to his son Björn.

Now the company has offices in Herrenberg, Germany and Chicago, USA.

Latest development: Detectable Quick Binders

Company’s newest invention designed by Mr. Lefnaer and his team are detectable quick fasteners, called Lefnaerbinder Tradmark. For this the design team had to develop a special compound that contained a certain metal portion. With this new filler material it is possible to detect even the slightest fragments.

The new FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant products are available in several different lengths, sizes and colors. They are primarily used in the food and beverage industry, which requires that a product like theirs is detectable. Just imagine, for example, a quick fastener drops into a yoghurt. In that case, with respect to product safety, this “containment” should be detectable. That is the reason why the food and beverage industry frequently uses detectable quick fasteners.

Pictured: Bjorn Lefnaer at Emballage Exhibition Paris France

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