May 14, 2018 – Dubai – Investment groups, banks and private investors in the crypto-sphere have a lot to be happy about in the final half of the year as new Bitcoin “over the counter” (O.T.C.) platform launches and opens to the Arab World. Last week came bearing fruits of good news for Bitcoin!

The fact that Bitcoin is proclaimed to be halal means that there are now 1.9 billion Islamic people allowed to use the digital currency. Expectedly, things are about to change with rich countries as Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other rich Arab countries entering the crypto-space.

There have been reports of an alliance of experienced Bitcoin O.T.C. brokers working to launch a brand new OTC Bitcoin platform on their website in Dubai, and today they are here. The industry-leading exchange and OTC services group focusses on movements of large volume transactions of the virtual currency Bitcoin.

This OTC Bitcoin OTC services group aims to attract big banks and brokers from all over the world who wish to secure a piece of this new and rapidly growing Arabic Bitcoin Arena. There is already a strategic partnership with some the biggest banks and brokers worldwide, certified escrow service provider and a network of crypto lawyers which makes it possible to meet the demand of this new market right from day one of the launch and comply with all regulation such as KYC.

Bitcoin has been steadily gaining in popularity in the rich Arab countries over the past months. Now the use of Bitcoin is proclaimed halal these big players in the cryptocurrency space have set up their own private OTC platform to offer global OTC trading, buying and selling larger amounts of Bitcoin to investors in the Arab countries.

Influential and powerful investors from the Arab world have already shown interest in the OTC platform. It will come as no surprise if famous names join this powerful OTC Bitcoin alliance in the coming weeks, months, and even years.

The Bitcoin craze has stood the test of time to become a mainstay within the financial society. The developments with the OTC Bitcoin services group will surely be greeted with cheers by everyone looking for larger amounts of Bitcoin. The prospects look good, and so the media and public will be on the lookout for positive reviews from users in the ensuing months.

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