Bitcoin Executives Aims to Decentralize the Global Real Estate Market

The real estate experts at Bitcoin Executives are launching an ICO campaign to fund their new industry-disrupting blockchain technology. The team has over 15 years in real estate and business consulting and has brought in a variety of software developers and blockchain experts to build an Ethereum-based platform running a new cryptocurrency, the BTCEX coin, on a highly sophisticated DApp.

The ultimate goal of the Bitcoin Executives team is to create the first “safe-haven utility token” that will change the way real estate assets are managed globally. The company strongly believes the best way to do this is within a secure, transparent, and decentralized coin-based economy, and is willing to innovate to make this goal a reality.

Problems With the Real Estate Market

The Bitcoin Executives vision is built upon the idea that there is significant room for growth within the real estate industry. They cite generational differences, fragmented markets, and global economic difficulties as the main factors preventing the growth and innovation in the industry. The team believes that the industry is ready for a new means of investment and asset management that challenges to tear down long-held standards and beliefs.

The global technological shift that is altering the real estate market today can be seen as a major opportunity for innovators like Bitcoin Executives. Proof of this is the unprecedented amount of money being invested in new technologies within the industry. In 2016 alone, commercial real estate tech startups received $2.7 billion dollars in investment.

The problem, however, lies in the centralized nature of the current real estate economy. Many of the innovative startups struggle to compete with long-established businesses because they operate within the same parameters, using fiat currency and operating without transparency or security. Because of this, the full potential of the market is not being met.


Bitcoin Executives seeks to digitize the entire operation. Through globally available applications, connection to peer-to-peer networks, utilization of artificial intelligence, and integration with blockchain technology, this modern company hopes to seize large market shares to create tech-based solutions that will inevitably lead to greater freedom and higher profits to all real estate owners, brokers, and investors.

Within the Bitcoin Executives DApp, property owners will be able to advertise their properties without the need for expensive agents or marketing campaigns. By simply uploading property information to the app, sellers could be instantly connected to brokers and buyers. Properties could be bought or sold internationally, using a peer-to-peer system. The company’s partners, connected to the blockchain, could handle international cases, preventing the need for the seller to travel.

A major factor driving the investment in Bitcoin Executives is its foundation within the Swiss economy. The sound economic and political environment of Switzerland, along with its support of tech-based startups, provides security and support for this venture. The Bitcoin Executives micro-economy will be backed by the historically crisis-resistant Swiss real estate market.

Technology and Assets

To decentralize and digitize a traditionally brick-and-mortar industry, the company will have to create new technologies and industry standards. The company is in the process of establishing its own blockchain, BTCEX that will be Ethereum-based. The currency will be integrated into an original DApp, or decentralized app, running on blockchain peer-to-peer technology instead of centralized servers. From the app, coins will be available for purchase, sale, or exchange globally and free of charge.

An original feature of the BTCEX platform is its very own debit card. The BTCEX CryptoDebit Card gives coin-holders and real estate professionals a simple, flexible means of payment for a variety of uses.

ICO and Promotions

The BTCEX presale began on June 10, 2018. The company is offering upto 40% bonus in pre-ico sale which is already in process from June 15, 2018. The pre-ico price for one BTCEX token is $0.03. The main ICO crowd-sale begins on July 1, 2018, and will offer 60% of the total tokens for sale to the public. Phase 2 of the ICO will begin in August of 2018, following the launch of the Bitcoin Executives mobile app.

The company is currently offering an exciting promotion in which individuals can receive free BTCEX before phase 1 of the ICO. By sharing free coins with other wallets, the most avid participants can win up to 1,000,000 BTCEX free of charge.


Bitcoin Executives offers unique solutions to large-scale real estate limitations. The team has a vision for how real estate management should be and are taking steps to make this a reality. They plan on building a complete blockchain system to support their coin and create modernization and freedom in the real estate industry. With their significant stack of original technologies in development, the company could see major success with their platform.

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