Bit Learn is poised to make the world Cryptofit – Here is How

Bit-Learn, one of the biggest crypto knowledge platforms available online, is poised to make it easy for everyone to grasp the true power of cryptocurrencies and leverage their potential. Founded by Dirk Hartig, Alexander Douedari, and Sebastian Winkzer, this company has the potential to positively impact the crypto world as we know it and to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.

The problem with cryptocurrencies is that they are quite inaccessible, are not regulated, and that there is no community involvement around them. Incorporating cryptocurrencies into the training and investment areas is a difficult task for most companies out there. The cryptocurrency market suffers from a wide range of problems that have not yet been addressed.

For starters, there is a severe lack of knowledge on how to access cryptocurrencies and how to leverage the power of blockchain. Social media and forums are full of unanswered questions about exchanging crypto and handling e-wallets. There is also a lack of decent customer support from most of the exchanges and a non-transparent process execution.

However, the cryptocurrency market is growing like never before. Bit-Learn has recognized the potential this market has, so it has come up with easy-to-implement solutions in order to counter the problems. Their aim is to establish a cryptocurrency as a valid alternative for investment, trading, and payments.

The Bit-Learn solutions revolve around accessibility, usability, educational services, community involvement, transparency and fair pricing. Since knowledge itself is power, crypto users and newbies will find a plethora of educational material on the Bit-Learn official website, such as videos, whitepapers, how-to guides, online classes and also innovative tools like chat bets. However, premium users will have the option to opt-in for 1on1 mentorship classes, where they will learn how to leverage the power of cryptocurrencies right from an expert.

Bit-Learn combines the power of knowledge, crypto banking, and advanced exchange services to become the main source of information in the cryptosphere. As Bit-learn is striving to become the first fully regulated European crypto exchange platform and the first licensed Crypto Bank offering true Crypto vs FIAT trading, Bank accounts, and Credit Cards. Bit-Learn is poised to make the world cryptofit.

Their most innovative projects will soon be released. On July 15, 2018, Bit Learn will launch their first tokens. With a total supply of 100,000,000 BLB tokens, the company wants to enable token holders to gain direct access to the developers, get regular bi-weekly updates, and trade at discounted fees.

The tokens will be distributed as follows: 20% in the pre-sale phase, 30% during sale phase, 20% as rewards pool, 10% sold on the platform, 15% for the founding team and 40% for ambassadors. Users can buy tokens at discounted prices, of up to 50% off in the pre-sale phase and 15% off in phase 3. Token holders will be able to use tokens to vote on what will be implemented by the developers, will be able to share their ideas and make an impact, educate themselves and ultimately trade their tokens for other cryptocurrencies and FIAT to make good money.

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