BIRDMAN From Cash Money Records: Speaks Out Concerning The Stop The Violence Campaign

This well put together program with the help of BIRDMAN from Cash Money Records and Fat Joe is designed to Help Stop The Violence.

“The boys were playing, and as I understand it… trying to figure out if the gun was loaded. And the gun went off while they were trying to figure that out, and my brother was shot in the head and killed right away.”
– Simon Frankel whose brother was shot and killed at 12 years old while vacationing on a ranch in Wyoming in 1973

New Beginning Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Eric Readon Announced The Addition Of BIRDMAN from Cash Money Records & Fat Joe to the “Enough is Enough” Stop The Violence Campaign.

Increased youth involvement in violence is evident from an analysis of official juvenile offending rates over the past decade from 1986-1995. Violent Crime Index offenses are those that involve murder and non negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

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“This Program is dedicated to bring our communities together offering an alternative to the overwhelming epidemic of violence that is taking our youth as it’s prey in record breaking numbers and destroying families,” said Pastor Eric Readon.

“We need After Care Programs to help save the children, we might not save them all but we can save some,” said BIRDMAN from Cash Money Records.

“Our efforts will provide affordable housing, financial assistance, daycare and education grants, youth training programs and job placement, and counseling to support families thus providing an alternative to the current choices presented to so many that lead to the path of violence and destruction,” said Pastor Eric Readon.

• Juvenile arrests for murder and non negligent manslaughter increased 90%.

• Girls are becoming increasingly involved in aggressive crimes: In 1995, females were responsible for 15% of the total juvenile arrests for Violent Crime Index offenses with the most extensive involvement in aggravated assault arrests (20 percent).

• From 1991-1995, female juvenile arrests for Violent Crime Index offenses increased 34 percent, nearly four times the male juvenile increase of 9 percent (Kelley, Huizinga, Thornberry).

• Since 1987, African Americans have outnumbered Caucasians as juvenile homicide offenders. By 1994, 61% of juvenile homicide offenders were African American and 36 % were Caucasian (Snyder et al. 1996).

The Enough is Enough Program: BIRDMAN & Fat Joe will be holding a Raffle to Help Raise Money for the After Care Programs.

The raffle prizes consist of 2016 Mercedes Benz E 350 coupe, $500 cash prize and 10 bicycles.

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