Bird Breeding Expert Launches New Cage Front Website For Bird Breeding Enthusiasts

Punchbar Flight Panel offered on the new MPC website
Mac’s Handmade Punchbar Cage Fronts aims to provide birdlovers with top-quality, hard to find items throughout the UK.

Swindon UK – June 5th – Today, Laura McCarthy announced the launch of her company’s brand-new website, a complete overhaul of the original “Mac’s Handmade Punchbar Cage Fronts”. The site is aimed at bird enthusiasts who enjoy breeding small birds such as parakeets, budgerigars and canaries.

“The reason for the complete overhaul on our first website was due to the old site not being over user-friendly”, explained Laura. “Items were not very easy to find, and I was forever receiving e-mails asking if we stocked a certain product, because our clients could not find them on the site”.

The new site has several special features and took a number of weeks to develop. This service was performed by a team of professional web devs, who are located throughout various locations in Europe.

Features include the ability to be able to search for products by very niched categories; for example you can search for “budgerigar cage fronts”, “canary cage fronts”, or “foreign finch Cage fronts”.

If you’re looking for breeding cages, the products on the new site are categorised into “plastic breeding cages”, “birch ply breeding cages”, and “nest boxes” to name a few.

Laura believes this will set her site apart from others which tend to group products into one single category, making it harder for visitors to find exactly what they are searching for.

Laura is also excited about a new section for items that focus on hygiene and mite control for birds. Some bird owners do not understand is how much of a problem mites can be for their small pets, and Laura hopes to increase awareness of this problem while also providing the solution with very affordable products for mite treatment and prevention.

The company also has a great range of supplements and medicinal products for birds, ranging from “Magic” which supports gut flora for an optimal digestive system, to “Clearway” which maintains a birds delicate respiratory system.

Ms McCarthy expects to see a significant increase of bird cage fronts sales with the launch of the new website. She would like to promote awareness for improved breeding conditions among bird breeders and focus on bird’s health along with supplying cage fronts for aviaries. Within the coming months, visitors can expect to see free guides and tutorials on cage fronts and other aspects of breeding birds.

Site visitor Deborah Groom, who has been a customer of Mac’s Punchbar Cage Fronts for several years is delighted with the changes. “I can now buy everything I need so easily!” exclaimed Deborah. “The pictures are much clearer, and thanks to this change, I have discovered some new products that I did not know Laura stocked. Laura has always offered great customer service and helped in any way she can, but hopefully now I will not have to contact her so often with queries because everything is so much easier to navigate”.


MPC are a family run company that has supplied many customers across the UK and even globally with Cage fronts, breeding boxes and other accessories related to small bird breeding.

The company are also proud sponsors of the Swindon Caged Bird Society, a local group in Swindon UK, which has 30 members, an increase of more than 600% in the last year.

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