Biking, Hiking, Camping All Made Safer By Carrying LED Safety Lights Claims Manufacturer

So Small & Light, You Won’t Know You Have Them…. Til You Need Them, Says Life Style Lytz

In a statement today by safety gear manufacturer Life Style Lytz they emphasised the size and weight of their new LED Safety Lights saying that when it comes to carrying safety gear as a precaution that you hopefully will not need to employ, it helps if the gear you carry is as small and as light as possible so as to be almost unnoticeable to the activity you are engaged in.

A spokesperson explained, “Safety gear such as the LED Safety Lights should as unobtrusive as possible to the carrier. It doesn’t matter if you are hiking, camping or biking. Safety Lights are a necessary part of the gear you should carry but it is always better if it’s small enough and light enough so that its not a burden to carry. When we designed the LED Safety Lights, we wanted to make a powerful safety tool but at the same time make it so the user can carry it with them without them interfering with what the user is doing. It is only should you need them that their full powerful lights kick into action. They are like the Mighty Atom. You won’t know they are there until you unleash them.”

The Life Style Lytz Multi-Purpose Safety Light comes in packs of two and contains five powerful LED lights that can be set to slow strobe, fast strobe or continuous display. The multi purpose lights can be used for any outdoor activity and their design allows for them to be clipped on the person via a powerful hinged clip or by Velcro straps, (2 x included in each pack), that can be used on wrists, ankles or used to fasten the lights on bags and clothing. During the summer months they are the perfect safety protection that can be carried or stored on the person to be used if light or weather conditions change for the worse. As part of a safety gear pack for hikers, walkers and campers they are light, bright and long lasting.

The spokesperson continued, “Safety gear is often seen as a necessary additional weight that needs to be carried on a hike or packed and unpacked, mostly never to be used. If carrying weight ever becomes an issue, it is often the safety gear that gets left behind and sometimes with unfortunate consequences. At least with the Life Style Lytz LED Safety Lights you will have great safety equipment without any noticeable extra weight to carry. No reasons to not be safe, whatever the activity you have planned.”

The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 pack is available exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited time it may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


Life Style Lytz is manufacturer and distributor of The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 Pack. The packs can be purchased exclusively on Amazon. For further information please go to their sales page or visit them on Facebook at

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