Bible of Crypto presents 1st decentralized & open source media platform to learn about Bitcoin and its relevance to altcoins is the newly launched website that aims to become an open source platform to provide all kinds of information about the original cryptocurrency-Bitcoin and its relevance to altcoins. While a number of people today are aware of the revolutionizing impact of digital currency on the world economy, a remarkably less number of people know how exactly Bitcoin works. Even if someone wants to know, they are not sure where to find the most relevant information and this is when the Bible of Crypto comes into light.

Bible of Crypto is created with an aim to become a one-stop platform for providing Bitcoin education. Using this information, the traders will be able to make better decisions while dealing with Bitcoin and other altcoins in general. The platform will help the users in knowing and understanding about various crypto sectors including exchange tokens, social tokens, storage coins, platform/protocol, regional coins, green/environment coins and more.

The information provided by the Bible of Crypto will also be useful to the traders who are struggling to make the most of the cryptocurrency market. The platform is also backed by the ERC20 type token called the Crypto Bible Token (CBT), the holders of which will be entitled to voting rites among other utilities. They will also be able to interact with the website and its publications.

Bible of Crypto is on a mission to provide useful cryptocurrency education for all and help them in understanding the Satoshi Unit of measure as well as its relevance to Altcoins. It strives to become the first decentralized media publication to open up the community to insight and opinion from around the world through a decentralized and opensource forum.

Bible of Crypto has already launched their CBT token on the Ethereum main network which is currently for sale on ForkDelta, a decentralized exchange platform. The platform is doing token distribution and model implementation for the users to buy and sell the token on the site and through ForkDelta.

By the end of this year, the platform will be opening up the forum for open source submission of Crypto content from crypto professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. It will also release a publication called the ‘Crypto Bible 1st Edition’ in print and digital form to over 100,000 unique individuals.

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