Biber games launch ‘WOW’-Wheel Online World on Google Playstore

Biber games has announced the launch of their new game WOW-Wheel Online World which is a fun quiz game that uses words and phrases. The game has recently been launched and already received great reviews from the players. The player has to complete the word and fill in the blanks by spinning the wheel, which also determines how much they can make for each successful letter. The player can also go bankrupt if they hit the wrong point on the wheel.

The spinning of the wheel can also give them a fortune of virtual coins which they can use to shop in the virtual marketplace. The players have claimed it to be a fun and addictive game with smooth graphics. Every round of the game has a category and a blank word puzzle with each blank depicting the letter in the answer. 

The user can earn points by filling a correct letter before the corresponding flipper, multiplied by the number of times that the letter appears in the puzzle. The spinning wheel features two bankrupt wedges and one ‘Lose a turn’ point which denies the contestants turn. The player can spin the wheel to determine a dollar value and guess the consonant in the word to be identified.

The participant with a joker may buy a vowel for a flat rate of the amount until all the vowels in the puzzle have been exposed. The player can keep the wheel in control by calling a correct character. The control will be passed to the next contestant if the wheel lands on the ‘lose a turn’ or bankrupt and in few other cases that has been explained in the game.

The possibilities with the game are endless and the thousands of words and phrases stored in the game keeps the user engaged for a long period of time. Moreover, the players can chat with their opponents and use boosters to get rid of bad luck. The game is both entertaining and enhances knowledge. It is available for free download on Google Play.

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