B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar Opens A Refreshing Wedding Venue in Malaysia

Those who are looking for a quaint venue for wedding receptions can stop their search at B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar Restaurant and bar.

From its humble beginnings as a secluded restaurant in Malaysia, B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar has evolved into one of the most sought after venue for wedding receptions and other special occasions. 

This increasing interest for the restaurant and bar is mainly due to its charming and spacious area, something that is not common to other restaurants. What further sets B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar apart is their classic lakeview that proves to be a good background for photoshoots. 

Aside from the beauty of the venue, many event organizers and clients are also enticed with BGT’s convenient services. Being originally renowned for their sumptuous food, selecting them as a wedding venue also means lesser worry about food catering. 

“We held my cousins wedding at B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar two months ago, and we were really relieved that the venue can provide wedding food, as well. It definitely lessened our preparation efforts for the wedding day,” said one of BGT’s recent clients, Sarima Tan. 

B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar has also recently expanded their services to party organizing, considering how majority of the clients still turn to the restaurants to set-up a perfect venue for the Occasion. 

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“We have skilled staff in events organizing, party designs, and of course food preparation and presentation,” a statement from the website says. 

With the evolving needs for wedding events, B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar proves to be up to the trend and is even setting a new standards for wedding receptions. 


B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar is a lakeside restaurant and bar in Malaysia that serves mouthwatering Asian and European cuisines. The restobar is also a popular event venue in the country.

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