BEWELL WATCH Help Each Consumer Get High Quality Wooden Watch with Cheap Price

Nov 21, 2014 – China – As world famous wooden watches manufacturer and supplier, BEWELL WATCH CO., LTD offer clients all kinds of environmentally friendly wood watches with high quality and low price. By past years’ development, their high Grade products already get very good feedbacks from their clients.

By the deeply understand, these wooden watches from BEWELL WATCH are not only combining the high end and traditional European craftsmanship but also making use of the most natural wood materials. These materials include both the natural woods and the high quality abandoned wood flooring and other wood materials. These wood materials are derived from the maple trees, South America local Guaiaco trees and many others.

Frankly speaking, the wooden wrist watch supplier BEWELL WATCH believes the pursuit of the combination of natural environmentally friendly and fashion. Compared to these general and traditional metal or plastic texture watches, the wood watches advocate the concept of non-toxic and keep people health. If consumers carefully seek these watches on official website of BEWELL WATCH (, they could find that there are many series of wood watches on this online selling platform. These series of wewood watches are all in great functional and many stylish colors.

In GENERAL, BEWELL WATCH supplies the wooden watches with the warm wood tone and colors which will give the wearer very warmly feeling. It could be said that these materials which used for producing each set of wooden wrist watch all apply the sustainable raw wood, which has advantages of 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic chemicals and others. It is not the simple time indicating device or the symbol of luxury but also the very clear symbol for wear’s environmentally friendly concept.

Now, BEWELL WATCH already collected all series of wooden watches with very remarkable quality and consumers who have different demand and personal tasted could easily wood watch that could totally meet with their own. In order to get higher consumers’ satisfaction rate, BEWELL WATCH also offer the special wood watches for men and women. Now, please do not hesitate to visit their website and choose one piece of high quality wooden watch.


Bewell is the most professional manufacturer and supplier for the exquisite wrist watches. The main products, many of them original and unique, include wooden watches, stainless steel wood watches, ceramic watches, alloy watches, and other materials, including plastic, and all are made to high and exacting standards.

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