are Investing in Sports Betting Markets

While everyone is talking about investing long term expecting to achieve financial freedom in 20-30 years, there is special breed of investors who choose alternative investment that turns in real cash.

To the majority term ‘sports betting’ is associated it with risk, obscurity and addiction. This stereotype is so strong that telling sports betting could provide long term profit seems at least ironic. The good news is that it is really possible to develop winning sports betting strategy. The nature of sports betting does not differ from commodities, forex or stocks trading. You buy the game’s outcome for the market price (bookmaker odds) expecting to win. Your expectations are usually based on factors like motivation, statistical analysis, injuries or many other that matter in sports games. The better you know those games, the bigger your chance of winning in the long run.

The graph shows how single investment in sports betting of 10,000$ would have reached 521,000$ in a bit more than two years.

These are actual results of sports betting experts team. entered the sports betting market in June 2014. The website is GPWA approved and works under Nostradamus IQ Limited, Anguilla registered and regulated company. Not only generates accurate sports predictions but provides opportunity for everyone to invest with them.  The investors pay 27% commission on the profit. The enticing thing about it is that not a single month was finished with a loss since the start of this service and average profitability reaches 16.25%.

There currently more than 500 active investors.

Earning in works like passive income. Investor is not required to place bets by himself or make additional selection.

BettingRevenue usually stake 1-2% of the whole bankroll per bet. Profit/loss coming from the game is allocated to every investor by his share in the bankroll. The bigger investment brings bigger profit. Investments start from 10$ and are unlimited. VIP investors who have 2000$ or more in their bankroll pay 20% commission fee instead of usual 27%.

“Our strategy is oriented at reducing the number of loosing bets. We don’t throw money in average games or taking long shots expecting to win, we are purely concentrated on making the best investments with very high ROI.” — says BettingRevenue team member Radim.

The process of games selection is pretty complex and involves many sources. The team consisting of 30+ people includes local scouts, insiders and experts. Everyone has his role in this business.

Of you have invested 700$ in June 2014 your initial investment would have turned into 5040$ by the end June 2014. It makes initial investment multiply by more than 7 times in one year. is listed among the most perspective investment methods online.

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