Beta Switch Author Sue Heintze Reveals How Switching On The Body’s Beta Receptors Can Burn Fat From The Worst Stubborn Female Trouble Spots

Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch System
Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch program shows women how to trigger fat-burning in stubborn trouble spots and live a confident, healthy lifestyle by triggering the body’s beta adrenoreceptors.

Sue Heintze, best selling author and expert in fat loss and nutrition for women has launched her new Beta Switch program for women. The Beta Switch nutrition and lifestyle program was developed for women struggling with losing fat, especially in stubborn areas such as the lower body region.

The system, designed only for women switches off the body’s production of Alpha Adrenoreceptors which trigger fat storage within cells and switches on Beta Adrenoreceptors which release trapped fat from cells and trigger increased metabolism and fat-burning. Women produce 9 times the amount of Alpha Adrenoreceptors compared to Beta receptors which is why women struggle with losing weight compared to men. 

Beta Switch was created due to the uphill battle women face due to having high amounts of Alpha receptors which makes fat loss and getting rid of stubborn trouble spots such as the thighs, upper arms and the lower body almost impossible. In addition, exercise can make it even harder to lose stubborn fat. Performing the wrong kinds of exercise or exercising too much triggers an increase in Alpha Adrenoreceptors which then traps fat within the body. Strict dieting also creates problems as it transfers fat from parts of the body to more difficult fat storage zones. The Beta Switch system was created so women could have a simple, systematic approach for burning fat without making drastic changes to diet for a confident, healthy lifestyle,” reports Sue Heintze.

Author Sue Heintze dissagrees with the belief of many mainstream nutrition and fat loss experts who believe that a strict diet and excessive workouts lead to increased fat loss and improvements in health. “Strict dieting and working out too much can make problems worst and also contribute to feeling of low self esteem and negative body image. This can also lead to a increase in fat storage due to a drop in Thyroid hormones which have a direct effect on weight. When these levels are low it switches on alpha receptors and turn off beta receptors completely,” says Sue Heintze.

Sue Heintze believes that the key to a healthy lifestyle starts with a 12 week nutrition and lifestyle approach which addresses the reason women have trouble losing body fat which is a high level of alpha receptors. Once these receptors are switched off and the fat-burning beta receptors switched on then losing fat, especially in stubborn trouble spots doesn’t become an uphill battle anymore.

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