Best Football Boots Range Of 2016

The year 2016 does hold some great surprises for football fans as the two leading international brands have geared up to entertain all the enthusiasts. Both the companies have made a lot of impact in the football world and the fans always wait for new products by them. The coming year is not an exception and the word will be delighted to see what’s in store for them.

Nike has developed its Hypervenom, Magista, Tiempo and Mercurial football shoe range into the much awaited Liquid Chrome Pack. Though this product has debuted at the end of the year, yet it is set to rule the coming year due to its sheer beauty. The collection is highly desirable among the football fans and professional teams too. As Nike said that they wanted to make a product, which seems immovable like metal, but comes to life when players wear it. The new color combination is really striking to the eyes by making them stand out of the crowd. The star players have started to wear this pack in the champions league and shoes will assist them till the mid of February. Nike football boots has also launched its all legendary Tempo 6 to grab more attention among the concerned people. It is being hoped that this boot gets prime attention in the market and Nike gets another lead from its competitors.


On the other side, Puma has produced a new edition in the all-time favorite evoPOWER1.3. The company is all set to blaze the ace with this CAMO edition. For better stability and hold there are bladed studs which are conical in shape. This boot has kept the notion of the traditional PUMA theory of keeping it simple and effective. You must also look out for the evoSPEED SL-S, which is banked upon being more durable than the previous variations. The 150 gram boot gives player the stability and strength they ask for.

If you are a more interested in implying maximum power in your kick, then you can go for the EvoPower1.2. This product has been designed to give the strike the best of accuracy and power.

Both of these companies are the best any player would want. Years have passed but both these giants have maintained their quality and futuristic outlook. You can get all these products at Nike Mercurial Superfly and make your match the perfect one. Just get started to get the limited discounts and enjoy life much better.

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