Best Cheap Mini PCs for Office 2017, review by Mini PC News, with Top Budget Mini PCs for Work recommended and Office Mini PC Deals

Recently, Mini PC News has made a review about the Best Cheap Mini PCs for Office 2017. The comparison can help people know more before they make a buying decision. Check here:

“Which is the best cheap mini PC for office? If you are the IT head of a business house, you might be looking for these space-saving mini PC desktop computers. These are usually deployed on a massive scale as they are cost efficient and dependable. Our experts will help you the best mini PC for office and work for 2017 year.” John from Mini PC News says.

He adds, “Our experts have ensured that you have no shortage of options and we have given immense focus on office-focused mini PCs taking a wide variety of factors into consideration such as size, weight, processor, storage, memory, price and operating system.”

NO. 1
Dell Inspiron i3252

Dell Inspiron i3252 is an excellent example of what a mini PC for office should look like. It is compact, powerful and has all the required ports that would help get your work done. There is plenty of storage space and memory onboard as well. Dell even managed to squeeze in a DVD drive. There are a total of six USB ports on this machine. 

NO. 2
HP Slimline 260-p026

HP Slimline is perfect mini PC for Office. Powered by an i3 processor, it comes with 1TB hard disk and 8GB RAM which makes it excellent for office work. It has DVD drive onboard as well. If your office works involves storing lots of files, this is the mini PC to get.  

NO. 3
HYSTOU FMP03B – i5 – 7200U Mini PC Intel Core i5-7200U

HYSTOU comes with Intel Core i5-7200U, which is a high performance dual-core 64bit chipset which is known for a maximum speed up to 3.10GHz, as well as Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU, the quality configuration provides you with ultra-fast running speed and professional graphic processing ability.  Check Price and More.

It is worth mentioning that ACEPC T11 Mini PC is now offered at a very attractive price now, thanks to a special discount from the standard price. This model provides sufficient computing power for a variety of operations, and its small energy consumption are relatively very low.  

“ACEPC T11 is a mini-PC that can gives you more power and space to download your favorite apps to browse websites, play games, watch movies more smoothly. No more unscrewing the chassis just to add a component. The prices of ACEPC T11 run from $159 to $299 now. But now you can enjoy a special price within this month. This is a limited offer to thank the support our global customers,” a spokesman for ACEPC said. 

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ACEPC specializes in manufacturing and developing popular consumer electronics for global users. This brand is well-known for stable premium quality at affordable prices. ACEPC products bring full PC capability to small spaces, offering wireless connections, faster meeting starts, and power to drive multiple displays and digital signage. 

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