Benjamin Pure Discusses Multiple Aspects Of Alcoholism And Its Damaging Effects

Alcoholism is assuming endemic proportions with more and more youngsters getting hooked to this deadly habit. Drinking has become almost like a status symbol and those who stay away from it are usually ridiculed, observes Ben Pure.

Slow and steady progress of a deadly disease:

What is started as a casual drink with friends slowly becomes a dreadful addiction before it is too late. Corporate get-togethers, professional meetings, seminars, and many more programs culminate in cocktail parties. It is a big paradox that a person starts drinking to improve contacts and a stage comes when the relations begin to get spoiled once drinking becomes an unavoidable urge.

Drinking alcohol excessively by overlooking the ill effects can be devastating. The stage at which the person starts drinking heavily is known as alcohol abuse. It is just one step closer to dependence.

Destructive effects of alcoholism:

One must look for the warning signs of alcohol dependence when the quantity of alcohol consumed starts going out of control. Drinking should not affect family atmosphere and social relationships, according to Ben Pure. If you feel that your better half is complaining, then you must put a stop before it becomes a habit.

Habitual drinkers do not respect feelings or emotions of their near and dear ones. One more symptom of alcoholism is a financial downfall. Productivity of the person is compromised, as he or she spends more time on drinking.

Alcohol addiction affects the person on two fronts, one is physical and the second is mental. Alcohol activates certain chemical receptors in our body. These receptors get stimulated and that leads to the craving for alcohol.

Mentally, a person starts thinking about ways and excuses to drink alcohol. Small occasions or happenings are sufficient reasons for an alcoholic to reach for the bottle.

It is a steady process that begins from occasional drinking and goes on to taking catastrophic proportions. It is very unfortunate that alcoholics continue drinking even with the knowledge that it is going to destroy them physically, mentally, socially, and financially.

However, there is always a hope for recovery, reassures Benjamin Pure. There are different organizations, such as Alcoholic Anonymous, that are offering yeomen service for those who have made up their mind to get rid of the habit of drinking.

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