Benjamin Pure discusses Merits of Security Alarms over Surveillance Cameras

Homes are built to offer security to family members from the environment as well as from burglars. Ben Pure feels that homes without the right security system in place are not secured at all.

Security alarms and security cameras have been commonly used as dependable deterrents to avoid attempts of burglaries. Let us look at these security solutions in terms of their effectiveness.

If popularity is considered as a parameter, then security cameras can beat all other security measures. There are great technological advances in the nature and working of surveillance cameras and you can see different variants of these devices in almost all public places.

It is worth noting that one cannot prevent burglars who have in depth knowledge of the positioning of cameras, especially if the burglar happens to work in the same establishment. They can very easily dodge the camera’s range while attempting the burglary.

Cameras with facility of seamless video recording are becoming increasingly popular, as observed by Benjamin Pure. You may also consider an economical option of purchasing a camera that offers short video clips instead of continuous recording. These are used by small families to get instant alerts about activities of their children on their smart phones.

Cameras for surveillance are not designed to catch burglars, they can only offer you evidence of a burglary. This can be used by enforcement agencies to nab a criminal.

This leads us to consider option of security alarms. These are more economical than security cameras and can help thwart burglary in most of the cases. There are instances of foiled burglary attempts due to loud security alarms.

Burglars are more concerned about alarms than cameras. These alarms can effectively reduce the extent of robbery by reducing time spent by the criminals in your home.

Benjamin Pure opines that a home with security alarms is better protected than one with security cameras. You can also save your hard-earned money by installing security alarms instead of security cameras.

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