Benjamin Pure Describes Inbuilt Selling Qualities Of Every Individual

Selling is a very essential aspect of everyone’s life. This statement may sound a bit more generalized because according to a common paradigm, selling is part of business, says Benjamin Pure.

Everybody has to use salesmanship in different stages of life. Think of children who cry whenever they are hungry. They are not able to express their want by any other means and continue to cry until they are fed.

This is a classic case of salesmanship in its most primitive form. Let us try to apply AIDAS principle to this act of selling. Whenever a baby starts crying, he/she attracts their mother’s attention instantly. For any mother, her child is the most important person. Therefore, she wastes no time in reaching for the child.

The second step of arousing interest is evident as the mother feels like feeding the child. The child cries so intensely that the ‘interest’ is immediately followed by ‘desire’ and ‘action’ of suckling the baby.

Finally, when the child is properly fed, he/she offers the most disarming smile on the earth to ‘satisfy’ the mother. This happens in a manner without the child having the faintest idea of what is meant by selling, leave alone AIDAS principle of marketing.

Therefore, according to Benjamin Pure, selling has its roots in our childhood and we have a ‘sales-person’ hidden within each of us. We only need to understand the natural process of selling without getting overwhelmed by the use of jargon.

One of the commonest questions being asked nowadays is whether selling is a science or an art. I personally feel that it is an art for those who have practiced it and a science for those who have not been able to discover that hidden salesman.

Selling can only be effective, if it is natural. One should not approach a customer by mugging up all vital points that are required to make a successful sales call.

It is very important to polish one’s knowledge in terms of finer selling qualities, so that there is an awareness about presence of these qualities. We all are bestowed with these qualities and it is only a matter of enlightenment, concludes Benjamin Pure.

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