Benjamin Pure clears Dilemma of Repairing or Replacing Common Home Appliances

Technological advances in the field of home appliances have helped improve our lives considerably. However, many old appliances need to be discarded or replaced with technologically advance versions. Benjamin Pure, an appliance expert, feels that one should not make hasty decision of buying new appliances.

Home appliances are designed to offer long service if we are able to take proper care by regularly maintenance. However we are tempted to buy new appliances due to aggressive ad campaigns and get rid of the existing one for no apparent reason. This is sheer waste of our hard earned money.

Replacing an old appliance such as washing machine or refrigerator is a costly proposition. It is strongly recommended to explore the option of appliance repair before shopping for replacements. Repairing is more economical than purchasing a new appliance.

Reliable appliance repair agencies employ expert professionals who are able to offer valuable advice regarding repair and replacement of your existing home appliances. Benjamin Pure strongly feels that replacing an old appliance that is beyond repair is totally justified.

Life of the appliance is an important consideration before you decide to discard it. Consumer durables have a long life and can even continue to offer great service beyond the guarantee period.

It is interesting to know that average life expectancy of most appliances such as water heaters, ovens, washing machines, cooking ranges, is as long as fifteen to eighteen years! Life of an appliance also depends on number of parts that move during operation. Therefore, washing machines are more vulnerable to break downs.

If you are able to undertake periodic maintenance and are using the appliance in proper fashion without overloading it, then you can expect optimum performance. Always think of cost to benefit ratio and if the cost of repairs is about half the price of a new one, then you should better replace than repair.

Benjamin Pure advises you to think before you replace your trusted appliance. Following manufacturers’ guidelines about use and care is the best way to get the most of home appliances.

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