Benjamin Pure: A Good Tailor Is A Treasure To Cherish

Alterations in your attire can make a vast difference in the way you look. For this, you need a good tailor, especially when you have gained or lost weight. A competent tailoring service can make adjustments in your clothes, so that they fit you better. This also saves you the cost of purchasing a new wardrobe, says Benjamin Pure, a reputable service provider among the elite class.

Choosing the best tailor

To know the competence of a tailor, give him or her a small job to do first. For example, simple alterations like adjusting sleeve length or replacing a button or shortening hemlines are a few good ideas. This lets you know the basic skills of the tailor.

Once you are satisfied with the tailor’s basic skills, you can give him or her medium-skill alterations, which are a bit costlier. So, take this step only when you are sure about the tailor’s skills. Alterations that involve tapering trouser legs, fixing a lined jacket sleeve, fixing denim jeans, replacing shirt collar, and fixing neck roll either make your garment super-wearable or something that you discard at some corner of your closet.

High-skill tailor jobs include relining a jacket, reducing shirt shoulders, and rotating jacket sleeves. If the tailor is not good, he or she can render your garment useless, warns Benjamin Pure. So, when planning for these major alterations, you must ensure that the tailoring service you hire is the best in town.

Tailors are not magicians

No matter how talented a tailor is, there are certain limitations to tailoring. For instance, most seams feature around 0.75 to 1.25 inches of fabric. So, a tailor can open up or extend a sleeve only up to a certain limit. Moreover, in case of a big hole in a jacket, it is almost impossible to fix it without letting the fix show. He or she cannot make the fix disappear magically.

You must respect the limitations of a tailor. Avoid giving him or her unrealistic tasks. Nowadays, you can easily get a skilled tailor on the internet. Benjamin Pure suggests saving the contact number and address of the tailor that you find the best for future tailoring jobs.

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