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BEAR Enterprise Security Corporation launches its BEAR Secure Communicator service.

The BEAR Communicator is a safe solution to communicate between two or more BEAR Communicators on BlackBerry OS 10 devices in an encrypted, anonymous and safe way.

The BEAR Communicator is equipped with applications specifically developed by BEAR such as BEAR Chat (an anonymous and multiply encrypted messenger service), BEAR PGP-Mail (an anonymous and multiply encrypted e-mail service) and BEAR Notes (a multiply encrypted app to create and manage notes). Furthermore, the BEAR Communicator protects the everyday use of smartphones by adjustments and limitations opposed on the operating system (such as no phone capabilities, no GPS, no Bluetooth and no screenshots).

The anonymous and encrypted messenger service BEAR Chat acts as the heart of the BEAR Communicator. BEAR Chat offers the highest level of security in mobile communications worldwide and empowers users by offering encrypted chats with individual persons or groups, recording and relaying encrypted voice messages and photos. Every comfort of modern mobile communication is available – fully secured.

Additional features, such as self-destructing messages, the erasing of data by using a panic-password, or the encrypted saving and managing of previously sent files on a smartphone ensure a 360-degree protection while using the BEAR Communicator.

In order to guarantee the highest possible level of security, BEAR uses flow-through servers and does not save any sort of data. All servers, data and data traveling paths are encrypted multiple times and BlackBerry OS 10 is used exclusively as a compatible operating system.

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