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The English-language Global Times is your key to understanding China’s changes
The newspaper has been offering news like politics new, biz news, business news, military news, in-depth news and world news.

Global Times is one of the leading newspapers in China that has been delivering China news and China daily news every day. Readers are given a wide category of news that they can choose from depending on their interest. Huan Qui Shi Bao or Global Times in English has been covering a lot of news angle that is happening inside and outside the Mainland China. Readers can expect that they will be able to read high quality of news articles that are written by the best news writers in China. Since the newspaper also offers English daily news, the news writers for this language are competent and fluent with the language.

Global Times or Huanqui shibao in Chinese is known for delivering in-depth news and it is because they are a subsidiary of People’s daily. The newspaper has been offering news like politics news, biz news, business news, military news, in-depth news and world news. Global Times never gets tired of covering news in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Africa, Central and South Asia, Americas, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific. Wherever there are newsworthy events, they will always be there to cover. They are one of the newspapers in China that has been covering even the most dangerous situations.

Global Times is under the publishing house Renmin Ribao. They have been circulating news every day from Mondays to Saturday. Readers will never have to worry about on how they can receive news every day because Global Times is available every day. In addition, if you are one of the readers who are interested in editorials, you can check all the columnists’ opinions, observances, viewpoint and others. Moreover, if you want to receive the latest news about life, you can find at Global Times. Their life category consists of fitness, food, travel, celebrity, touch of warmth, homes and gardens, fashion relationship and family.

If you are into the new discoveries of Science and Technology, you will be the first one to know. Their Sci-Tech category consists of Medicine, Air and Space, Energy, Physics, Biology, IT and Discovery. You can find the latest discoveries about Science and Technology when you visit their Sci-Tech page. Moreover, if you are interested in odd news and odd photos, Global Times will satisfy your oddity. Furthermore, Global Times will never be left behind when it comes to Sports news. They cover almost all of the popular sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, hockey, and winter sport, Olympics, and boxing. You will get the latest updates of these sports from Global Times.

If you want to be fully informed, subscribe now at Global Times. They will satisfy all your needs when it comes to the latest news that is happening in China and overseas. You will be able to be fully informed every day once you subscribe because Global Times publishes their newspaper every day.

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