Bayside Tanning In Upland Offers 10 Free Minutes Of Infrared Sauna Therapy

Bayside Tanning in Upland offers 10 free minutes of infrared sauna therapy with voucher that may be downloaded at
To introduce new service Bayside Tanning in Upland is offering 10 free minutes of infrared sauna therapy with a voucher from

Bayside Tanning in Upland is offering 10 minutes of free infrared sauna treatment to introduce their new service.

This offer is being made through, and voucher is required which may be downloaded here: is a free site for consumers and offers free tickets to comedy shows, sporting events and other entertainment venues. Vouchers for free and discount food at popular restaurants are also available.

Infrared saunas is a miracle spa therapy. It detoxes, promotes collagen for anti-aging of the skin, helps reduce muscle tension and even promotes weight loss.

This new type of sauna is based on Far infrared technology and is more effective than conventional saunas because it reaches deeper in the skin. Deep heat penetration pulls toxins deep under the skin and exfoliates them through the skin. It can also increase metabolism, burn calories, relieve muscle pain, reduce stress and improve skin.

The Journal of the American Medical Association says ”A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams in a sauna, consuming nearly 300kcal, which is equivalent to running 2-3 miles.”

The infrared technology radiates heat tuned to the temperature of our bodies and works like a sunny day without the harmful ultraviolet rays. Whereas traditional saunas heat the air above the boiling point, which over-heats the skin and feels claustrophobic. Infrared saunas require 90% less energy and heats much faster than traditional saunas so it’s really eco-friendly.

This sauna can also be used for patients suffering from varicose veins, metal implants, hypertension and diabetes where conventional saunas do not help.

Bayside Tanning offers session from 30 minutes on up. The user is also in control of the temperature in the sauna.

To download voucher for the 10 free minutes of infrared sauna therapy at Bayside Tanning in Upland please go to:

Bayside Tanning is located at 2440 W. Arrow Rte. Suite 4F, Upland, CA. 909.625.1600

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