Batuta, The Website for Arab Globe Trotters Publishes Info Graphic Explaining Arabic Speaking Countries Travel Search Trends, the largest online website especially created for Arabic Speaking Travelers has recently published an info graphic that explains the various Arab countries’ travel search trends in the past few years. The info graphic lists the current stats exhibiting the growing use of Arabic Language for on the Internet.

The Batuta website spokesperson states: “Battuta Travel website wanted to emphasis the importance of the use of Arabic for research and writing on the Internet, our new info graphic exhibits the results of the research conducted by us, the findings show some interesting and rare data. We at Batuta aim to provide the Arab tourists the right tools for planning their next trip, beginning from exploring places and tourist destinations, through the comparison of prices and costs, and then through the booking process, and ending with sharing users’ tourist experience through pictures, videos or texts.”

The most important trend that the website wishes to highlight is the growing inclination of people in KSA and Gulf Countries who are using Arabic language to search for travel information. The info graphic shows that there has been a steady yearly growth of 30% which is an indicator of the increasing interest of people in Arabic speaking countries in traveling and exploring the world. It has been observed that a majority of such searches originate from Saudi Arabia, far more than Arabic searches of travel stemming from UAE, Egypt or other Arabic Speaking Countries. However, it seems that a high number of these particular types of searches are looking for travel information about Dubai, which secured the number one spot in the top ten countries and/or cities that Arabic speaking travelers are interested in.

Globe-trotting and traveling is a growing industry around the world. A growing number of people each year are widening their horizons and looking to explore new places around the world and the Arabic speaking population of the world in no exception. Learn more about the info graphic and the various statistics compiled by Batuta:المقالات/استخدام-اللغة-العربية-على-شبكة-الإنترنت-أي-الدول-العربية-تتكلم-اللغة-العربية

About: aims to provide the Arab tourists the right tools for planning the next trip, accompanying their exploration of places and tourist destinations, through the comparison of prices and costs, and then providing a secure and comfortable booking process, ending with users sharing their travel experience through pictures, videos or texts.

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