Basically Used Wedding Photo Albums in People’s Daily Life


Oct 08, 2014 – China – Today, the famous BeiJing KeXin Album Manufacturer ( will introduce with people some sorts of basically used wedding photo albums.

The first sort is the traditional wedding photo albums which are generally produced by studio. They just stick the photos on the inside pages of the album with double-sided tape. This product has very low production cost and people could see clear package edge and angle. After long time of using, this kind of product will easy to occur deformation especially for the environment where is very humid.

The second on is the full version flush mount albums for public. This kind of album is the directly collection of photos. If the photos’ size is 18 inch, the size of photo album will be also 18 inches. That is the so called full version wedding photo album.

The third sort is the La mina crystal wedding photo album. The photo will be pressed on density board and then the surface will be poured onto the liquid crystal. After the process of cooling and molding, the crystal surface will form. The crystal is smooth, reflective and very clear. After amplification, the surface of this album will be very bright. It will be very easy for people to clean this product. However, the crystal will have little poison so it is best not to do big size one as it will be bad to the body health.

The other kind is the oil painting style flush mount albums for non-professionals. The oil painting style with the outside box could give people fully elegance feeling. The maximum size is 60 inchs or so commonly. The keeping life of this kind of album is very long and the effect is the most stable.

The last one which the wants to tell people is the La mina print wedding photos album which will have one more step than crystal craft. The photo should be first framed by cold or hot and then it will be pressed on board with the machine. For this kind of wedding photo albums, people could use few more photos with very fashionable style for amplification which will give people very beautiful feeling. La mina prints could be regarded as compressed material which surface is very roughness and with some small holes.

Through the learning for above photos album knowledge, the famous wedding photo albums online seller believe each people will find the most suitable wedding dress set of system for themselves.

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