Basically introduction about the latest fashionable 4D movies and 4D cinema systems

April 18, 2014-China-Today, with the popularity of the 4D movie, the XD cinema theater already become the commonly-heard thing in people’s daily life. The 4D cinema system is the combination of three-dimensional movies and special effects equipments and devices. With the widely application of the three-dimensional software around the world, 4D cinema has also got good opportunity for rapid development. Today, China famous 4D cinema system and 5D cinema equipments supplier Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd will introduce with people the development of this new movie type.

The 4D movie which made of the special three-dimensional software owns its unique advantages. The three-dimensional film itself already has the good three-dimensional characteristics which could let various parameters associated with the three-dimensional imaging software easy to be adjusted in the environment of the software. This should be the main reason why the 4D movie and its related interaction 7D cinema could get such great success around the world.

The 4D cinema system first appeared in the United States. The initial 4D movie projects included the famous Spiderman, leaping California, T2 and others. All of these projects have widely used the form of 4D cinema system. With the widely application of the three-dimensional software to the production of 4D movies, this kind of movie type i has also get a rapid development around the world. The production level, screen effects and stunt scene has made considerable progress. Most of these 4D cinema system appeared in various theater theme park, science places, and museums which have already attracted variously of spectators and tourists.

As all of readers widely know, after the widely application of three-dimensional computer technology in the film industry, the three-dimensional films have soon appeared in the industry of films. These films are the so-called 3D movies and 4D movie. The Spiderman in Disneyland should be the very earlier 4D movie in United States. The appearing of this 4D movie has effectively solved the technical bottleneck of three-dimensional rendering tracking. This technology breakthrough let the three-dimensional picture can be automatically converted by the perspective changing of tourists ( Furthermore, it can timely maintain the consistent and continuous relationship between the virtual landscape which should refer to three-dimensional picture and real perspective which could greatly improve the realism of the screen.

After here, people should have basically understanding about the development and technical details of the 4D cinema system and 4D movies. For more information, please visit the website which is the official website of Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

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