BARZZ, the app to find local bars will launch its Indiegogo Crowdfund at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Vegas on March 26-28

BARZZ is a remarkable new website and app that allows the user to find their ideal bar and specials from a vast database of over 100,000 bars and specials across the United States. It is excited to announce the official launch of its Indiegogo Crowdfund at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas from March 26 to March 28th. BARZZ will also announce the launch of the BARZZ API that will allow the developers to access the carefully curated and vast database of bars around the country easily and use it for their own purposes. It’s free to use and developed by the people, for the people.

While there are thousands of review sites and bar search options that can be used to see the rating of a particular bar, they don’t really tell much about what the venue has to offer. Just because the majority of people liked the placed doesn’t mean that everyone will like it. Furthermore, in some cases, reviews can be bought and faked making it difficult for people to make the right decision. This is when BARZZ comes into the light, because that rather than placing its focus on reviews, it provides detailed venue information such as the number of televisions, drinks menu, dress code, amenities, payments options and more, thus allowing the users to make an informed and better decision. BARZZ will involve the community in the entire process. It will be Community Experiences over Exaggerated Reviews.

In addition, the information from BARZZ searchable website/mobile app can also be added to third-party sites for further use. The idea to create BARZZ was born in the mind of Sal Spadafora who found himself ending up in low-quality bars with his clients while working as a money manager on Wall Street. He wondered if there was an easy way to find the ideal bar nearby and failing to find one he but didn’t find any good options and that’s when he decided to make such platform himself. He partnered with Mike Theil and both utilized their personal funds, working day and night to eventually create the BARZZ app in 2015 for both IOS and Android platforms. They also launched the API for third-party site integration in 2017. The two industries that can use a 3rd party source like the BARZZ API are the Travel and the Dating Industry.  Neither have sufficient information for lunch, entertainment, dinner or nightlife to allow their clients to plan their entire vacation or date.

BARZZ is currently seeking a funding of $150,000 on and the funds are needed to develop the app and website further. The amount raised from the fundraiser will also cover the cost of implementing new features based on feedback from the community, marketing, promotion and SEO optimization. Some funds will also be used to integrate augmented reality (Pokemon Go Technology) for a better user experience as well as purchasing licenses to integrate third-party technology for AR and other features. Crowdfunding this technology enables BARZZ to offer this state of art marketing technology at affordability.

Twenty percent of the funds will also be used for promoting BADD (Bars Against Dangerous Driving), the new non-profit to increase awareness of safety in the hospitality industry and responsible bar and nightclub management. More information about the non-profit can soon be found at

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