Barrett Hays Releases Two Bell-Eye Books

San Antonio, TX – June 8, 2018 – U.S. Medical doctor and author Barrett Hays’ writes about two of the newest adventures of Bell-Eye, titled: Bell-Eye’s Palm Beach, Florida Christmas: Bell-Eye, the Best Littlest Detective Agency in Palm Beach, Florida, the Lives of the Rich, Famous and Not So Naughty and Bell-Eye’s Spooky Halloween: Bell-Eye, the Best Littlest Detective Agency in Palm Beach, Florida. The books are now available on Amazon store.

This summer, readers of Bell-Eye, will share another exciting mission with the little detective as two books are released. Both young and not so young always love to follow the adventures of brave and young protagonists in their fight against evil. The heroine of the story is Bell-Eye, or Bella, who owns the best littlest detective agency in Palm Beach, Florida. She has one assistant Winston, a daschund and retains a single client, the wealthy heiress from India, India Hays. Well-travelled Barrett Hays always loved Florida, so he made this city as the setting of his stories.

Book 1 tells of Bell-Eye in her adventure with the rich, famous and not so naughty. Palm Beach, Florida is a singular blessing with its golden sunshine, great shopping, magnificent hotels and gourmet restaurants! Streets are filled with the latest motor cars and lovely people!  The rich and the famous with their fabulous yachts!  It’s all there for you if you have money. But everything has a price!

Sit in on one of Bella’s cases and find out what kind of thorns the rich and famous have. It gives you great satisfaction to Bella battles the most excellent criminals; the cleverest poseurs; and the sharpest. Bella, our petite protagonist who appears as innocent as she sizes up against the most robust rogues, poseurs, and ruffians in Florida? It is spectacular to see Bella battles the worst, most excellent criminals; the struggle with the dumbest & smartest poseurs; and the sharpest & cruelest rogues in all of Florida.

Book 2 follows Bell-Eye, the best littlest detective agency in Palm Beach, Florida fought with all the evil-incarnates in Halloween. The tale showed how the ghouls set their revenge and hatred towards Bella. Her old enemy Zeus is preparing for a showdown.  Zeus sent a full force to his ally in the shapes of elves, ghosts, vampires and even werewolves as Bella faces the evil from the world of magic.

Share in the excitement and mystery as Bella slays down another vampire with her stakes, defeats a couple of ghosts; and grapples a werewolf by its tail. This is only two books on the Bell–Eye Halloween trilogy, watch for more!

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Author the Author

Barrett Hays is a practicing medical doctor in the United States.  He was born in the State of Texas. Travelled for 32 years all over Florida and loved the people. He found interesting to see what people do for a living. Being a doctor for 30 years, he loved talking to people and did interviews about topics of interests. Most of those exciting stories became part of his book. He enjoys the outdoor life of a Texan: jogging, horseback riding, camping, hiking, and fishing.  He enjoys reading and writing, especially about the State of Florida-he travels there frequently.  “Florida is a unique place.  The whole world seems to be there on vacation.” Personal/ favorite quote: “Money is a good deodorant, but love, loyalty, courage, compassion are also good deodorants.” and “Respect isn’t given, it’s earned.”

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